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Madonna Madonna, Missy Elliot, Senate discussed on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn - A$AP Ferg & Dr. Katz


And that let my whole body a warm heart nope me down 'cause i was like man this is my icon saying stands you wanna make music like this and our like please could you blasters and she said without a doubt in you know i play the same wrecker for madonna madonna call me into work album in order sewn up i it in one making on the cut but um i got a chance to play some using canals one song she says she loved and now i was just thinking man if i kinda got madonna embassy on the same track gathering crazy our working i can only imagine standing in the studio would tumble in a missy elliot how can ever get any better than that the you tell me and then meet in on jay z the next day you know having a conversation with him in me tell her home to milan last night told me that you put her more tomorrow music that was crazy to milan to i asked to milan the also added you discover me lousy among music i'm a very humble kadam not assume an everybody knows my music us to introduce myself higham for you know what i'm saying i'm not for myself but he's like you know we will say in here when damien jay z jay z he's like it loses got the videos in senate to your music now that wall and in having a siege as yet connie's a fashion show the next day easy season one asked we spoke about all the news i up like wow now i feel like it's it's one thing for an mca to come in here and tell me how much they love missy elliot who is a great mc crime such a brilliant amazing performer might not that many fronts coming here talking about madonna a love madonna because madonna was a movie samhadana for the culture sieges.

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