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Diseases. Six point nine million is nineteen thousand children dying every day. Does it really Matha that we're not walking past them in the street? Does it really matter that they're far away? I don't think it does make a morally relevant difference. The fact that they're not right in front of us factor Costa. They're of different nationality or rice, none of that seems Marley relevant to me. What is really important is? Can we reduce that death toll? Can we save some of those nineteen thousand children dying every day and the answer is yes, we can? Each of us spends money on things that we do not really need. You could take the money you're spending on those unnecessary things. And give it to this organization the against malaria fan Gatien, which would take the money you given and use it to buy nets to protect children. And we know reliably that if we provide nets they used and they reduced the number of children dying from malaria. Fortunately, more and more people are understanding this idea and the result is a growing movement effective altruism. It's important because it combines both the heart and the head the heart. Of course, you felt you felt the empathy for that child. But it's really important to us the head as well to make sure that what you do is effective and well directed. For Peter effective altruism is the most efficient way of giving money that will have the maximum impact and benefit which means finding organizations that will make the most out of your contribution to save the most lives or to alleviate the most amount of suffering. Most people don't think about that. And they don't realize that if I thought a little bit about which charity, they owe to direct that time and money and resources to they could do ten times one hundred times preps, in some cases, even thousand tons as much good charitable giving is a huge sector in the United States amounts to three hundred fifty billion dollars a year. And yet I can't help feeling that a lot of that is because people have not been thinking about how to do as a fake Wli as possible. Take for example, providing a guide dog for blind person. That's a good thing to do. Right. All right. It is a good thing to do. But you have to think what else do you could do with the resources it costs about forty thousand dollars to try and I guide dog and trying the recipient. So that the guy dog can be an effective help to a blind person. It costs somewhere between twenty and fifty dollars to cure a blind person in a developing country, if they have Tacoma, so you do the sums and you could provide one guide dog for one blind American or you could cure between four hundred and two thousand people of blindness. I think it's clear. What's the best thing to do? This is the website of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. And if you look at the words on the top right hand side, it says all lives have equal venue. That's the rational understanding of acid relation in the world. There's led to these people being the most effective altruism in history. Bill and Melinda gates and Warren Buffett. No one Andrew Kennedy. Not John Rockefeller has ever given as much to charity as each one of these three. And they have used their intelligence to make sure that it is highly effective. According to one estimate, the Gates Foundation has already saved five point eight million lives, and many millions more people getting diseases that would have made them very sick. Even if eventually by survived over the coming years and the Gates Foundation is going to save a lot more lives. So I'm a little bit conflicted over this idea that on the one hand people like Bill and Melinda gates who I should add also contribute to NPR or Warren Buffett. They've been so much incredible work to to alleviate global poverty. But in the other hand, I mean, I think the amount they've given isn't really a sacrifice for them. Right. Because it probably hasn't made much of a difference in the way, they live their lives. You know what I mean? All right. Do know what you mean? Exactly. And I agree. I think Bill Gates has given away twenty five billion about he's still got more money than he possibly really spend. Warren Buffett's, but I still think we ought to prize gates and Buffett fo the amount of good that I've done because I've said an example to others, and they're influencing others as well..

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