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View but that's not a free market view so the the real free market view comes from the austrian school of economics and murray rothbart in particular in that important book from nineteen. Sixty three. Still a great book. Nothing has changed of course since then so still a great book much more recently. We have the financial crisis and the housing boom and bust culminating in two thousand eight. And i'll tell you. I did my very best to try to stop them from saying to us. Oh we know what caused that. That was capitalism. And that just goes to show what happens when we give you stupid. Rubes too much freedom. And now you're overlords need to be in charge more. Well okay okay. There's no way. I was going to get them to stop saying that. Of course. I tried to stop that from becoming the conventional wisdom by at least providing alternative at least providing a different point of view. And of course that was in my book meltdown. And incidentally meltdown. You can get the audio book version at tom. Woods audio dot com. And so if you've never joined audible before they give you a free audiobook when you join and if you decide to cancel you don't pay anything. Let you keep the free audiobook and i still get my royalty. So doesn't matter to me how you get it so tom woods audio dot com is how to get. I bet. most people don't remember this story or maybe weren't listening to me at the time moore or reading me the time but the man who read the audiobook for meltdown wrote to me he said look. I'm an obama voter. And when i got the assignment to read your book and i saw that it was from republishing publishing. I've had my books published by a lot of publishers columbia university press basic books random house. But i've also had them published by reggae. Which is a conservative publishing house. That's been around since nineteen forty seven anyway. The guy said. I saw this book and i saw that it was from regmi. I thought oh here. We go another another right-wing screed 'cause i think he had recently read one of g. Gordon liddy books. And g gordon liddy had his merits but i remember flipping through one of his books at a library once and it was just fluff. There was just no substance in there at all just a bunch of his outraged opinions but with no substance and i guess that's what he expected meltdown to be and he said this book has really really made me think. Because you make a very convincing case. And i thought isn't that nice. He didn't have to write to me like this. That's not part of the job description that made me very happy so meltdown did have a reasonable impact. It was a new york times bestseller for ten weeks. And i got to do a lot of media mostly right of center but not exclusively and you may say. That's preaching to the choir. No it's not not on the federal reserve. You think anybody in the conservative movement was talking about the federal reserve and they were all floundering in two thousand eight figure out what the explanation was. They weren't going to say the federal reserve mostly because none of knew anything about it and secondly because nobody else ever talks about it and oh my goodness we are the official conservative movement. We can't have the left calling us cranks because we deeply care with these people. Think about us. You're never gonna get the right analysis from that kind of attitude that they were reduced to saying well. The community reinvestment act of one thousand nine hundred seventy seven from thirty years earlier caused him. Okay well. I don't think that's particularly convincing so i wrote this book precisely for that reason. So that even if a su- nami of overwhelmed the country there would still at least be a record. There'd still at least be a dissident voice with a convincing argument well back on episode eighteen eighty five. I interviewed filmmaker. Who along with a team of other filmmakers is making the ultimate documentary on all this and this is extremely important even if everything opens back up even if we never hear about covid nineteen ever again this has to get done so that at least there is a dissident voice out there for when they try to pull some crazy thing again and they say well we saved from covid. So we're going to save you from this thing. We need to have not because it'll convince the crazy people but because it will convince regular people and maybe some influential people we do have a little influence here and there and he explained to us. What the vision behind was what they're going to do it with the charts and you know the charts. Do not tell the story found. She wants told and they're going use the damning quotations like Not really understanding. He's not really sure why. Texas hasn't done badly since getting rid of its masks or the restrictions being lifted and everything being fine in various places. They're not really sure. Slavic ostra home vilocci and of course. They're doing this anonymously. Because they don't want their careers. Ruined and i can tell you. These people all have distinguished careers. One of them was interviewed by sad russell on his unregistered podcast and fat actually went ahead and asked him what i had not ask them which is what kind of films have you worked on the past and they've got they've got credentials like you wouldn't believe so. This is going to be fantastic. I realize you might feel hesitant about supporting a project where you don't know who the people behind that are. But i am putting my own name and reputation on the line here to tell you. These are good skilled people and this will be an important project and joanne scouse. And who's been running the anthem film festival for freedom fest year after year after year. She also vouch for them. So the link to support what they did what they're doing is tom woods. Dot com slash doc. Dc for documentary. Tom woods dot com slash doc. Now as i told you. I actually put ten grand my own money into this thing because after over a year of covering this. I'm convinced that this is the issue of our time. And i wanna do what i ten. So those of you out there who have the means to help any amount is welcome and i urge you to to help and be a part of this but especially those of significant means for a check for ten grand is like nothing. Please please consider this because this is urgently necessary. So check out tom. Woods dot com slash. Doc and then our getting all this stuff about the delta variants and yet we look at the numbers and it does not appear any more deadly than whatever the original was you look at countries where it started to take over in. The numbers are fine. So the hysteria. Here's a surprise. Hysteria bears no resemblance to the actual facts. Well there's other new in this whole thing right so i'm not particularly concerned about the delta variant but i'm reading over and over about the devastation. It's gonna do now. Maybe it will do terrible devastation. And i'll look foolish for saying this. Okay i doubt it and another thing even if things did return to normal in the us there is the rest of the world to think about those are also people and what's being done to people around the world is unconscionable and i get that an awful lot of the people in those countries think this is a good idea. I get that those people are hopeless. There's.

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