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This is coming. Cory Booker first one, but he is called out Joe Biden while, but the Blasios I, but Cory Booker is now called out Joe Biden for Biden's comments last night. I don't wanna revisit it. We talked about it in the first hour podcast is going up at wwl dot com. But Biden's gonna problem on his hands Booker has said he's shocked that he has an already applied and hasn't already issued an apology, or apologized for not only the comments, but the relationship and he said, quote, Biden's relationships with proud segregationists is not a blueprint for how this nation needs to move forward and coming to work together. And I don't know how Biden addresses that because that that is the line, like Biden was bragging about having worked with. These Dixiecrats senators were quote, proud segregationists, and how he was able to get things done with those guys because you've got to work together, and I don't know how he's going to address it in the way that Booker just framed it, which is that, that is not a way to go forward. So what the hell are you talking about? And that is going to be a problem for Joe Biden. That just is I can't wait to see how he tries to get his way out of this one. I know what is usual blueprint is just yell and scream and say, not only I know what you say. But I'm I'm the exact opposite of that. And I'm the one that you can count a dry up just bluster his way through it. I don't know how he does it here. We'll see. We'll see six seven two six sixty eight sixty eight now. We could do slave reparations. We could we could talk about Marty Walsh and his recycling policy, but lightning you and my wife, both saw this, and we're pointing this out, and it got me to thinking and got me wondering, so Kelly, Ripa live with Kelly and Ryan. I guess that what? It's called now I guess. Yeah. Ryan's off on Monday. So rip is husband Mark Consolo says on with her, and they start to tell a story I, I don't know how much of this, you have thirty seconds of it. I mean, the whole thing. Short of it is on Father's Day, Mark while they're in bed, Marcus Wales looks to Kelly and says, hey, it's Father's Day. And she goes, oh, okay, let's, let's get this go on. And he, he been telling of the stories I could tell you weren't that into it, you were kind of going through the motions. And she's like, well, hey, it's bothers as it usually doesn't get my buttons pushed generally, but okay, I'm your wife. I'll we'll do this thing. And so they were doing this thing. And there eighteen year old daughter walked in while they were doing this thing as Ripa says, I'll, I'm just getting mouth-to-mouth being resuscitate, whatever, but the daughter saw them getting after it, here's a little of the sound to. She opens the door and we see the door open. Jordan. Resented?.

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