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Talked to younger women i i usually offer that experience if you're fit of college only about marriage or or end of that really just take the opportunity to live by yourself for awhile especially if you've had to live in one of those college apartments or college dormitories i would think living by yourself would feel pretty good i'm i'm gonna go back to michelle single terry michelle what do you think what do you think is is driving this do you see this as a trend and what what's causing the trend if it is one i think part of what's driving trend is that women are getting married much later than we are used to historically and so if you're going to be getting married in your thirties or mid thirties you're thinking well if i can afford to buy a house why don't i go ahead and do it now i don't have to wait for a man and i and also you know we're more educated and so we've got more resources getting better jobs i mean i've only read at one year of my entire doubt life i bought a home in my early twenties right out of college about a year after college so i've been a homeowner you know my home life you know don't life and i did love it i think we just have to be cautious to just make it sound like if you're not buying or you're not living alone somehow you're a failure i think you need to look at wherever you are in your life and what makes the most sense but you at the nominally i'm a huge advocate for co sharing you know sh multi generational housing or coach housing because a many areas you can't afford to live on your own and this idea that you have to do that to become an adult and then you're struggling financially and not able to say and put money away for your retirement i think doesn't deserve to everyone particularly women so you'd say living alone if you can afford it might be exactly the right thing to do but on the other hand you have to think long term about one affording it means that's right that's right absolutely i mean you can learn to do all the things that you aren't being alone you can learn being in a house with others you've got your own room you've got your own space you've got rules about what you know what you eat you're going to do and so i'm just very cautious about this little you know this idea that if you if you don't own a home some financial failure and that's not true because then it puts pressure on people who are renting and it makes them feel less than if i hear another person say you're racing your money when you rent i wanna choke them not shouldn't be full by but message last stop shaming people wherever you all would ever make sense and i'm the financial person so i'm gonna say this you gotta make sure it makes by natural says it was a financial choice for me to own so soon out of college it was that will go live with my grandmother who woke me up at five am to get shoes money my big i haven't that right right i'm with you so and it was a homeowners program for people just starting out with all the numbers worked for me but had not been i would not have bought and i lived alone for many years before i got married almost a decade and then i'd love being married in charing my face with my husband and i was able to turn my bought a condo and baltimore my disabled brother could then live there so it created financial legacy for him and so i love this conversation because it's like ladies do what's right for you you don't have to wait for a man it's so interesting you talked about you know what what kinda can block it i have a lot of female friends who who own homes who are meet guys who they're worried about buying a home that the guy won't want to move into their home which is ridiculous you need to kick him to the curb free things like that right okay so ashley what what what we're talking about here is the practicality but what about the what about the of i dunno social emotional aspects of living of women living alone i mean i have some single i have some single friends who are who've seen every museum exhibit there is and most of.

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