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Our guest tonight is any Mattingly who is the author of the book the after death chronicles her website is any Mattingly dot com is an Ellie why from Mattingly and again we're very appreciative of any being here any one of the things that people may be curious about with the spirit of these communications from deceased loved ones or friends or whatever they happen to be relatives can ever take a sinister tone or is there anything dangerous or negatives that that you've been told about warned about well they can sometimes take a sinister tone what I found and I didn't intend initially at go in this direction because I think the media kind of covers all this if the hauntings in the idea of ghosts and things that will come and disturb there were very few people who spoke of these kinds of things but what I did discover was that we have a lot more power to stop those things and we think that we think we do so if something happens that frightening say no which is like the old drug thing just say no we don't have to accept a something that is less than comfortable or that scare stuff if it scares us get out of it we and the physical have the power to do that I would only say that if that did not work if you were something it was happening it was uncomfortable but someone should seek out professional help there are lots of people who are able to deal with those deceased people there are there's a small I think it's a small percentage of people who seem to get stuck between the land of the living in the land of the dead and in in that in that place I think there's a sense of disturbance and they can do something that is disturbing but there are it's only you will find someone who is well recommended there are plenty of people who can help those deceased people to cross all the way over and go into the the nine around but sometimes it's as simple as though a woman who had a her brother in law say he wanted her to do something he wanted RT describe something to some of his family members so that they would know they were that he was okay and she didn't want to do it she said well why don't you do it and he said well they don't know I'm here which is not uncommon and he said I want you to do it and and if you don't do it I'm going to haunt you and the very first thing she said was you cannot hold on to me and then they they made an arrangement and it turned out she told someone she told her husband that he recognized this shirt that was being described and then she told the other family members and everyone was very relieved but the key to this story is that moment in which he said you cannot hold on to me and he didn't and I think that we can do that kind of thing more we have more power than we know we have well and die totally agree with that and that's something that we've always told families when they're having paranormal experiences and if it's an intelligence spirit and they want this thing to leave they need to sit around an entire family and say you know this is this is our place you're not welcome here we want you to leave and exactly and they do most of the time they they'll just move on they don't want to be somewhere where they're on wanted and a lot of times they're only they're trying to communicate anyways because they want somebody to know that they're they're not paying attention to them you're not communicating with them and there's no reason for them to hang around okay we're talking with any Mattingly we've got a jump to break here I know we've got some people on hold don't go away we'll get to your phone calls on the other side of the break absolutely so iris we're gonna take a quick break in the phone numbers eight four four six eight seven seven six six nine again eight four four six eight seven seven six six nine to listen to Jason JVM beyond reality radio we'll be back after this.

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