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You know two hundred yards 200 a 250 in two touchdowns so what whatever unanswered ace and it's why do you need to see that because i don't i i know you liz not a fantasy point i know you listed off the bangladesh game but to say to put the equate the floor to that one really broken play where the defense side though they just they love for fifty or gave up around and play you can even see to shawn watson who was was shocked he was surprised that he was still running and he so i i just i i think that the two sean watson people are going to be very said at the end of this weekend we waterbed it it's will find out russell wilson you're starting him at home obviously in this match up lamar miller he's been great he's getting it r d andrei hopkins it might be some hesitation he's a topfive wide receiver recant benched the near target leader in my opinion now i don't i don't think you mentioned interplay crabtree over hopkins i wouldn't know i'd probably still go with hopkins they both have tough matches but i mean hopkins against the legion of boom that he's the type of receiver that they can shut down so we will see well fuller everybody wants to start him i've seen more insane willful or trades this past week than any other here i've seen know people are going out there and their trading they're basically using well for the way we would tell you to use them which is thro well fuller in with like a quarterback and go get a gray wide receiver i'm seeing this happen i hope you're not buying in i mean i.

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