Prosecutor, Joe Joe Scarborough, Donald Trump discussed on Mark Levin



The facts needed for the present nine states acted in an appropriate ladies and gentlemen you know the Democrats call the fact now now Scarborough is a lawyer maybe it's been a defendant to maybe make it sooner he's a lawyer she said they got all the facts I got the prosecutor's report no counter witnesses no other documents no challenges nothing they get all the facts they got everything they need for Joe Joe Scarborough it's a very sick man all the facts they need for high crimes and misdemeanors should just Garber once the house now to impeach Donald Trump the why does he really want the house to impeach Donald Trump you one on one because a ways back when Joe Scarborough was a big Donald Trump fan member then the Republican primaries Mister producer he and make it were slaughtering all over him it was embarrassing children could even watch children couldn't watch that's how sick of what and that the president's first speech to the joint houses of Congress in January after he got elected Joe Scarborough withholding got a special take it for a seat in and the cameras when he jumped up like a clapping clown clapping seal their own Joni could seem jumping up every time the president finished his sons then the president really took a shot at really laid into him sometime later after Joe began the process of me got Ising himself and as he was Micah Ising himself a god nastran asked about the presence of the president let him have it referred to some story I believe about his office or whatever in the morning schmo took that very very personal and as he was being make ized any took this very very personally with his eventual would be wife he turned on track and he's never look back so for Joe the morning schmo Scarborough it's about jump and the fact that he was offended but the president said about now he wants them removed from office I want some out that's why he refers to in as Hitler and Stalin Mussolini top personal freshman no course is not a very bright man as you can tell by his odd speech impediments the air you know me get a you know you know a a and that he would like to see trump removed but here's the problem for Joey can add it's none of votes in the Senate to remove him but he wants a spectacle he likes he likes he once political burlesque much like his show was media burlesque it is a little round table a net which perverts miscreants and malcontents and plagiarist did I mention that go ahead Peter started an enquiring are.

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