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Just. raise a. ABC news live and local it's one o'clock unless Warner national security adviser John Bolton is out of a job the president announced it in a tweet today secretary of state Mike Pompeii says he's never surprised by anything the president does including announcing the dismissal of Bolton via Twitter but Pompey was not unhappy with the move clearly by his going ahead with a White House briefing that was supposed to include Bolton the questions included the notion of chaos in carrying out foreign policy that is seven the president's balls we give them our best was them but I don't think any lead around the world should make any assumption that because some one of us to parts that president trump's foreign policy will change it to materialize Bob Constantini the White House Santa Monica PD has set up a perimeter in the area of ninth street Montana Avenue as they search for a bank robber allegedly traveling on foot police say the Wells Fargo branch in the area was robbed this morning the search has prompted the precautionary lockdown at nearby Roosevelt elementary school in Orange County company is being sued by a twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate support lay Mexican grill which is now based in Newport beach is being sued by New York mayor bill de Blasio who accuses the fast food chain of breaking in NYC so called work week law that requires fast food workers to have predictable schedules and a pathway to full time employment in a statement to pull a says the suit is unnecessary and they're working to ensure they're in compliance with the law the glossy who is running for president is barely registering in the polls Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news a bomb squad has gone to the area of Winnetka Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard in Northridge on a report of a suspicious item according to the LAPD traffic's being routed away from the area of the nearby when Neka L. Avenue elementary school has also been placed on lockdown California lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would allow college athletes to sign and get paid for endorsement deals here's Phil Hewlett the state assembly and Senate have both passed versions of the fare paid to play act the bill does not involve. schools paying athletes directly it would prohibit colleges and universities in California from revoking scholarships or scholarship eligibility for athletes who profit off of their own image name or likeness lawmakers could vote as soon as today on reconciling differences..

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