Six Years, Seven Eight Years, Thirty Nine Months discussed on Scott H Silverman's Happy Hour


Went to another rehab when to another rehab. At scotty. i was when we met had to be seven eight years now. I was in and out of sobriety that i get a couple of months. The next thing you know. I'd show up and you know pretending to do my thing but really wasn't doing it and now about three coming up on coming up on about Thirty nine months for me now of sobriety eventually and thank you and for the first time. It's true sobriety for me. You know i'd had some times where i want without drinking and didn't have anything my system but i got to point where where I had to make a real change this time. The old stuff was a working too many times. I i got it this time. I got it this time. You know rehab rehab rehab. I got it this time. And i never got it this time because i never did any work and i never really looked at myself. Honestly i knew i had an issue and I was willing to admit that. But that's all i would do and and i didn't wanna do any of the work that that came with it In this recovery process. For the first time i met a friend That it was a was a was a golfing buddy of mine. Nothing away from the golf course but time to time. I go to the club. And we'd have men's game in the afternoon and once in a while i get paired up with us and there was something different about and I went up to him one day. I had a couple of beers. And i kind of poked at him and i said something. Somethings about you any kind of looked at me and he laughed and it was probably obvious to everybody at that point that i'd like to party and i'd like to drink and he said Yaman recovery i'm a crackhead in six years sober now. This was always a well to do well. Dressed man played a really good game. Golf kind to a fault Always the consummate gentleman and he said that to me and i remember that You know coming up on thirty nine months. And i gave him a phone call. And i said i wanna do this real and i wanna get serious about it. And he said I'd love to help you in the process. We listen everything. I i tell you to do and i said sure i will and For the first time. I actually follow through and I did all the work I think that i needed to do in. And i really did have a shift in my gray and in my mind and It's not an option for me. These days and i i. I use the scenario all the time that that..

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