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Am my vision. Went blurry and then everything stung low. Heavy growl fill the horrible stench wafted in on the breezy got closer. My hands were trembling. My vision was blurred. I'd have to let get close before. I could take shots on that. I didn't want miss. Is the hmong kilos came into view. Those horrible little things climbed onto its back dissolving into it with a gut channing. Squelching sound the among lous let out of rule that shook the ground beneath me and then spoke sat me free standing directly over me rearing back can prepare to take. Its first bite. Took everything in me to raise the gun and fire. His head snapped back and slumped down on top of me reverting to his blob states pending me to the ground. Smothering me couldn't breathe couldn't move. My vision. faded to black then. Silence glare actresses searched the my buddy. I shot up. I took an all the amai lungs could handle. My body was broken. And bloody. But i was ally. Paramedics and police were everywhere pound. Someone saw me run into the woods carrying a gun and called the police. Where is it where is it. I asked frantically as they loaded me onto a stretcher and carried me out of the woods. i thought i'd been mold by the ribeiro mountain line. But i've been found alone. I was in the hospital for two days before. I got my first visitor. A toll bowl guy with scott that ran down the side of his face from his forehead to his chin. He walked in and stood next to my bad for a second before. Spoke to me distorted. Familia tom saving. Alas he smiled a wicked smile than tun and walked out of the room laughing. This is case monroe reporting for channel three news. We're here live at howard wilson. High school scene of what's being called one of the most horrific crimes in recent history. Five three people were murdered in the building behind me and according to police be connected to a string of disappearances in the era. We'll keep you informed as the information comes in. How hot is go out to the people of idle birth back to utah. Abandon the hospital for two weeks in the hongkou hadn't come back. The whole town was going crazy. Afterward happened at the school. The state police have been called in with every new station for miles. That's how was flooded with people from all over and a bizarre sort of way. This is probably the best thing that ever happened. This shitty little town. His death brought new life to idle. Every business in town was turning a profit literally bathing in the blood of its fallen brothers and sisters. He had not reason to hate this town. And everyone in my head had been killing me for the last two days and i didn't make the connection to my realized. No one else had gone missing since the high school. The hamanka was moving away from town. But that didn't make sense. The creature wouldn't leave an active food source unless it was compelled to something was drawing the hamanka's howard. I snuck out of the hospital at night on. What home when i got there. I loaded the rental car and studied driving until my head stopped. Hurting the first place a came to was a truckstop about sixty miles outside of town. The pleasures busy so doubted the creature will be there. My head wasn't hurting. Had to be close by pulled up the car and went inside and fries with coat to go then. Went outside for a smoke. Stood there for a while watching the traffic row by two long drag of my cigarettes dumped it out then turned to go back inside everything. The second i stepped through that door the was style in the room was covered in dust. The lights flickered known have been in there for years. This place was packed. Shaking my head. I backed out slowly when i was back outside the building shaking my head patch. How slowly was back outside. The building changed to a dilapidated show. The neon signs now sun bleached broken scattered around the empty parking loans. I rushed in my car. That's almost the door. When the sound of wet feet slapping the concrete behind me maybe turn around. No one was. That backed up until i bumped into the car popping. The locker hopped in impede out of that lot as fast as humanly possible. Drive a few miles at the highway. Till i found a fleabag motel and got a room for the night took forever to fall asleep but when i did didn't last long allow boom shook the room and startled me out of my sleep straight up in the bed looking around for a few seconds until i heard someone running followed by another boom his. Whoever it was slammed into the door of my room again graham gano rushed to get look. I made it to the window. Just in time to see a bloody skinless man thing slamming my door explodes sending away for blood. Splattering across the window kept coming one at a time until the door finally gave way and they came spilling in five full clip. Every time sean of those things they explode explain the room with a black viscous liquid. That reeked of rotting flesh. And what am i gonna win empty. I used to club the shit out of a few of them before they overran me. Struggled a foreign until. I couldn't fight anymore. There was nothing i could do. They pay me to the ground styles to regurgitate the flesh. Cutting fluid all onto me. When they were done they let out a similar taste. Roll fell over dead. I say dead because the second they hit the floor they started dissolving into shit colored nightmare. So yeah i'd say would but while all this was going on puke had me pinned to the flow is getting heavier and starting to move the instant that me sat up gasping for air in the second idea. That fucking thing. Let off a cloud of gas. I took deep into my lungs. Backed-up gagging still gasping for every muscle in my body burned than locked up was forced to watch the among cannibalize it's replicas and take form but it wasn't complete. You had no hair. Skin was been impale. It was literally weeping only secretion to the point. It looked wet mad. No facial features just is in a mouth started laughing as skin turn gray and began to shrivel away. Pain shot through my brain. Has that thing dried up and went silent of these replicas. Were week they had to combine just to convey a single thought men. The source body was getting further away. And this was a distraction. The among callas needed me to stay put while it made it seascape attract that thing for two weeks straight after that ended up in missouri. A little town called holts summit.

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