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The two three six so bring up the to some two three six or the three eight. Two didn't hit two three six. But you could've taken prophet right at the three eight two. That was on you sir right here so we should add your limit sell order and then right here and if you miss this one you move your stop loss to break even who cares goodbye on the six one eight definitely that but when you buy the six when you got to have an exit strategy FIBONACCI Theory Eglise if you're applying for BANACCI theory to attempt to find like a long-term bottom for game I don't I don't think you're correct. I think the Games got a law like quite a bit ways to go like. I'm I'm very. I don't even know if we'll if this will be I'm sure we'll get a bounce off of this. Vp are the support that's a trade But as far as like established up Trent Brown that's what PTP's for so. I think that you might again. I don't want to come in here and tell you to sell something to my pump up but if I were in your shoes I would've tried to sell that. Probably you know I moved my stop-loss a break. Even I take some profit right. Now you gotta get you gotTa get trade. I don't think it's likely that you're gonNA they get a big old massive game pump out of this. That's just me personally. I'm always very bearish when we look at all coin charts. So if I'm wrong don't don't Flamy Lamey on the state brother all right. Let's see here. Let me see if I can get the rest of these comments Hubei Room. You could guess up. Wally says I am not here to give signals. That people will follow blindly me more signals. Please geck Armen Metoo the room and let me play Among the but I'm tell you guys about show titles right now. Sometimes they're you know sometimes show titles go through several hours Of Conversation with my team tweaking editing was the right show title. What conveys the right theme? What can the right mood? And sometimes guys it's like. Oh Hey all right. I forgot to set the title for the show. plunged four K.. That works yeah go go go life. Sometimes it's not you know sometimes sometimes it's not Do.

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