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Not sensitive. I'm just responding. I'm just got a little tired of just said to me. That was a jerk. Oh the whole show Eric End. Yeah yeah well. That's that's you seem oversensitive. You started off by telling me. I was out of my mind about corona virus. So you waited. I use the word. You're out of your mind. You know what I'm talking about. No I was. I was backing your theory. Update the grown virus. Something phony about it and it just GonNa end all of a sudden when it should right and okay fine. That's how you get your side in a strange way of doing. I was backing you up one hundred percent. Let's listen to the call that once again. Our Russian holsters are on path. And they lucy who was the last per- they they punked Bernie by calling saying. Oh this is Greta and Grete his dad and they did the same thing to Prince Harry. Who for some reason thinks he still is allowed to speak on behalf of anything even though he's effectively no longer a royal kicked out done but here he is with some good old trumpet for many many years? We've done a tipping point but every year we get closer once we get over that tipping point then it all changes but at the moment the industry on certain presidents around the world driving the complaining wrong agenda and I think the most important thing to do you know I then went and saying this to you. Guys I think the fact that Donald Trump is personally there. That code industry making America. puddle happens because the the the effect it has on the climate on the island nations for far away again out of sight out of mind but we visited we visited those pacers. Unsold you have as well People's lives have been continued. Destroy People are dying every single month by some form of natural disaster that has been created From this huge change in our climate again we have to physically sick these people and get them to realize that not only stealing future which you've said over and over again which I applaud you for They are directly responsible for actually getting people and wiping whole communities And now I'm confident that within the next five ten years things will change. But we can't wait till ten years so I think if Donald trump can be become the the United States of America the NFL. All right So good so good. They did this the more people. Why does this guy even WanNa get into why these guys make public appearances? If someone's willing to pay for it so I'm one is willing to pay for these these two to show up. They love it they love it was your. I wish I could find that old clip of Joy Behar When she had her show you you can try When she goes off on rush limbaugh she just goes nuts and she says I because rush limbaugh was. Is it a real clip? Yes a real Clinton And what she says is on the clip. I don't understand how this guy can get off saying any of this stuff about about the climate because he's not a climate expert. He's not a climate scientist. He doesn't know what he's talking about and I was used that as kind of the model for like why is how come. It's one guy on one side of the argument. Says this seems like bogus does make a lot of logical sense. That's bad but if a guy like the princess just the opposite of anybody is not an expert. His Prince. Harry is no anything by climb. Besides he's never been a scientist what he does no. He knows a lot about coal. His family is he's even even Harry is Been involved in coal mining coal mining. Yeah yeah he was out there digging exactly he hears about it he certainly knows about it. okay we have. Let's see where are we? We've got an OT segment coming up. I think we should take a little A little break. And thank the rest of our producers. Here I'M GONNA show us by donating to know agenda. Imagine all the people who could do full. Yeah that'd be.

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