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First period was a little lopsided as far as who control the play. But it only makes two incredible big impact place and most importantly, we're heading the scoreboard. So it gave us a chance to kind of regroup hearing and make some adjustments and talk some things out. So we are a little bit better the rest of the game. But no, I was just great to see him. Get rewarded. He's playing the right way and going bonus is offense right away. And it's great to see speaking of headmen. He's out tonight. He's injuries not believed to be long term. But in the meantime, the Laney has were called on routes from Syracuse. Additionally, the team announced that Ford Matthew Joseph has been assigned to the crunch. As I said the first period wasn't great for the lightning mccutcheon off new his team would regroup in the second. I think it was just offer I became back to the room. And just, you know, everybody knew we have more time at the park, and you just have to relax and keep it simple and start playing away. But we stay conference all the time and don't put too much pressure ourselves. And you can't have the best record in the league. If you don't get great goaltending. Andrei vasilevskiy was really good against Columbus. Last night team proved a twenty six seven and four on the year and he's six two overs. Last eight starts and he was really good early on as well Monday night vastly almost record his third consecutive shutout last night. Had it not been for legal by the blue jackets, regardless. The teams play defensively has been solid since the bye week and Brian burns who is the beat reporter for the Tampa Bay. Lightning told me on lighting powerplay live tonight. He thinks the defensive play as been the difference this year for the lightning for me. It's not just that. They're they're dominated dominated good teams that are scrambling for their playoff lives. And then you look at what they're doing defensively, I think the goals against us. Just impressive. I know that that was something that they really wanted to focus on for the second half of the year at so far so good for as far as that's concerned because I think the really coming out of the bye week. I think they've been playing some of their best east bits of hockey. We've seen the often kind of come from that defense. But I I really think it's just a commitment to point structured in their own end so playing I really sound solid defense of game just trying to be as perfect as they can in their own zone. They've been doing it for the last six or seven games or so that's probably been the most impressive. Is what they're doing on the defensive end, and the lightning will be going against another desperate opponents. Tonight's in the Philadelphia Flyers. The flyers have gone twelve one in one over their last fourteen games. They're coming off a three one win over the Red Wings on Sunday. And this is a big stretch for the flyers after tonight's game. They play in Montreal on Thursday and against Pittsburgh on Saturday night at Lincoln financial field. Those games will be huge because of how close those teams are to one another in the standings. Now big reason for the flyers turnaround has been the play of the rookie netminder Carter heart. He faced thirty eight shots and both Saturday six five and Sunday's three one victories. Also, he is faced thirty eight or more shots in seven of his fourteen victories this year, and he's ten one one during the flyers twelve one in one streak the Knockin Philly all these years has been goaltending in at least right now, they feel like they finally have that number one goaltender in heart. I ask Sam cartesian from the Philadelphia news inquirer. Earlier tonight on lightning power play live if heart. Was the reason the flyers have turned things around. That's a big quarterback but their penalty kill and their power play at been phenomena over like thirteen to win one in their last sixteen games, and their powerplays clicked it almost thirty percents or that. And the penalty kill has been about eighty four percent we've and both those numbers are way way above what they had been. So their teams forgive. Sean jury credit is game has just risen during that time. And I think the young players have really glossed some guys like Nolan Patrick taken on a lot more responsibility. Proprio who struggle for most much better lately, you know, young guy Travis connect me Travis saying hyme, you know, you go up and down the line. And who has ten goals, you know, the young guys I think I've taken responsibility under Scott Orden. And if it gets credit Scott, Gordon, too for some of the system changes years, they're playing a one three one neutral zone trap. And it's it seems to. Have worked and that said they can play a lot better. I think Wayne Simmons scored one goal. His last thirteen games, quote has one in his last seven other players. I picked up the slack. But they need these other guys to get going as well. I should also mention that Jake worked Jack is bitch during this run. You put it all together. And you have a team that incredible. He's on a twelve one in one run and somehow snuck back into the. The fires also could be active at the trade deadline. Wayne Simmons is you heard Sam talk about their he's going to be an unrestricted free agent this summer and the flyers are still trying to figure out what to do with him. Now, he scored only one goal on his last thirteen, but he has contributed five assists during that time. He's also been part of a third line. That's starting to produce. Authencity Simmons is on the line with Nolan Patrick and Scott Lawton Patrick has been really good of late. He's got twelve points in his last fourteen games. Getting that depth scoring is vague and the flyers are getting that for sure right now. But Philadelphia knows Tampa Bay is the best team in the league and Kartini believes they are the team to beat this year boring an injury. I think they're they're the team to beat the certainly a team to beat the east. I think it will be very surprising. If anybody else came out each and I think it would be surprised if they didn't win the whole thing. I think you know, Winnipeg Nashville will be tough to the west. But I think this Tampa Bay team is is going to win a Cup. We're taking an inside look. Tonight's game. Thanks the Tampa Bay times. Get more than the score from the Tampa Bay times in print and online subscribed today at Tampa Bay dot com. We're still about fifteen minutes out before we get to set for lightning and flyer. Some interesting numbers to get to here kucherov as we said has just been on a tear all season long. It's also on a seven game point streak versus the flyers. And he's recorded multiple assists in his last five games. Thirteen total, by the way. Steven stamkos has points in five straight games versus the flyers. And Brayden points is on a six game point streak as well. Getting back to kucherov. He now has five consecutive multi point games. And he became the first player in lightning history to have seventy assists in a season. The previous record of sixty eight was set by Brad Richards, back in oh, five oh six and matched by Marty. Saint Louis in two thousand ten and eleven there have been twenty one instances of players having at least seventy assist through the team's sixtieth game in a year and kucherov. Join penguins Sidney Crosby as the only active NHL players who have accomplished that feat. And lastly Tampa Bay is on pace to finish the regular season with one hundred and twenty eight points. There have only been three instances in NHL history of a team recording a hundred and twenty eight points or more and they're on pace to collect sixty two wins only one team at any show history has finished with that many wins. And that would be the Red Wings back in nineteen ninety-five nineteen Ninety-six time now to take a look at the out of town score is it is presented by. Trade winds islands resorts, the official beaches order, the lightning making a much easier to score discounted rooms and hockey tickets. Save ten percent off suites and rooms plus discount tickets to any of your lending home.

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