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Of the backfield. That's forty six reception of the season. We mentioned he's missed four games, including the last three with the sprayed. Right MC L. And I'd say so far so good for him to you know, we were skeptical to see. How much he'd be able to play? How effectively be able to play for? You can hardly tell any difference. They hear the ground game up the middle of the right hash. Mark out. A whole lot of space to work with though the whole closed quickly. Give him a yard. Baltimore. It is hard to run against them. They've only given up one hundred yard rusher. For one person has rushed one hundred yards against them this year that was James Cotter. Pittsburgh. Feels like this is a pretty important dry may know, it's still early in the third quarter, but charge you get a touchdown after the turnover. Ravens answer can the chargers. Answer back again. Eleven minutes left in the third quarter under center rivers, hands it to gorge gorge doubts is it outside. He's tackled right on the numbers of the forty. Now. A flag comes in late after short gain of two to bring up third seven. But let's see what the flag is about. Holding. Fifty three. Replay second at center. Mike pouncey interesting talking with some of the ravens coaches on the field before the game. They said, you know, pound sees really good in space really good when he pulls. But when he has to go against a nose tackle that's on his head. That's not his strength in his right hand was outside. And he really held Michael peers the defense attack. Oh that was a blatant. Hold and another good job by the officials putting the rivers and the chargers now in a tough position. Second in nineteen is at top position back at the twenty eight to their inside their own thirty rivers for the shotgun. Here cubs Fleischer. Five inrush at reverence goes down is sack back around the twenty one Patrick awash. Oh gets there. For his fourth sack of the season. The ravens had a couple of linebacker standing up in the gap. That's the gap on either side of the center. They're standing up there. They'll drop them. They're just doing that to try to mess with them this time. No, they came in a wall suit just bench. Pressed Justin Jackson, the rookie running back back in the back of Jackson has to close the distance and deliver more of a blow. You cannot allow a wall soup to just walk. You back into the quarterback like that. Because rivers is expecting you to make that block so back above eight four thirty twenty seven rivers goes underneath the Jackson Jackson tried to pass it outside. He gets to the thirty. He's tackled there. He needed to get all the way up to the forty seven. So just a Saint play call and now they will cut it away. Holding penalty. Followed up by a sack makes it almost impossible to get a first down raven. Just do the safe check down Jackson pick up some extra yard. Then. The ravens set to get the football backup three with nine twenty in the clock rolling in the third quarter. The putter is Dante Jones first year with L A. And that all Scott Bloch. But he does get it away. It's a short wildly taken at the thirty five by Cyrus Jones. He goes backwards and it's up losing yardage other returned back to thirty to the tackle by Garrick. Walk just a thirty five yard punt at a loss of three other return as we take a break with ninety seven left in the third of Baltimore up thirteen to ten. You're listening to the NFL and Westwood One. The holidays are.

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