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That type of presence and And you know, and and these guys are are so good for the game because you know they're the traveling storytellers. Other guys that carry on the lessons and they tell their young pitchers and young players around them both the lessons of the game through stories and You heard him give an interview, he said. He's exceptional, you know, And here we are. I mean, were glorifying a guy and you know, you sit in the butt $25. It's remarkable, but we all feel his contribution is a good one. Well, winning, they're winning is the ultimate deodorant, right? And it's true is so true, and he told Papa and A really after the game was a great little detail. That here comes the guy and this is the guy I want to transition, asking about Gregory Santos. Okay. Gregory Santos, and we'll talk about him, but he's asked him. They brought the translator out, and they asked him. What did you say? And he said, I told him Congratulations on your major league debut. You only get one You earned this He goes and then I told him something I can't say on TV and Papa pushed him. He said. Well, I told to go strike these Wanker! Blankers out. Hey, said that through a translator, Mike, and he said, apparently Santos listened. Right. So this is your chance to tell us about Santos. Who came over in the noon. Yes. Trade The Bobby Evans Nunez trade Mike, you your download here. Well, you you know, this whole Dre goes down here. We have a 17 year old guy and And you know you think I'm on? We're going to see this guy in six years, right? So it becomes something you just put in the backward way on the back burners. This last October, when the Giants had there. Instructor Li Gun in Arizona, and they brought about 60 guys in One night we get a random call from That brutal and And he's excited and pepper rules. He's a hitter, right? He didn't get excited about too many pictures. But we start talking ball and in burrows just a little time, But you know you you've heard him on pre impulse game shows me. He's just, he tells it like it is. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. And he was really excited. On this night. He was really excited. Not for the hitter's not for the Luciano knows, and the The Elliot Romero are Elliot. What is it? One of my men, it Ramos, Not it, Not those guys. He was excited about the arms. He was sound, he said. There's two guys down there right now. Right now. So tall and this kid Santos, he says they they could be in a big big step right now. And and probably close. That's how it goes. I can't believe these guys. Their stuff is a little electric, right? So okay, Well, we didn't really get a chance to see Santos and spring We saw Joe Collins like, Oh, yeah. Get this. And then lo and behold a couple weeks or what? We could go with CDO tall comes in every like, Yeah, you hot Daddy, That's and then last night First of all, you see, the guy come out of milk in and he's a man child. I mean, he's 63 to 30. He's 21 years old. He's a big fella. And then he comes out there and watch him warm up and it's just using, and he warmed up first call pitches like 89 98, because they when they between innings when we're watching them and showing from behind They'll put the MPH on the pitch of the first ones you have are like 89 98, you know? Look, we're a little sense of after all the hype for Aaron Sanchez throwing 97. We're seeing throwing 89 collect. And then all of sudden he cuts loose. That's 99 were like Oh, my God. Okay, Okay. I can't wait to come out of break. I wanna play. Let's go see this guy pitch. Mm. Well the book on him and he's two pitch guy. His slider. He's got better command this lighter than the fastball. We didn't know he could throw the fact the slider 90 91 MPH with straight down bite, put it on the corner pitch his first break out the big leagues. If there was a battle lock around 32 count. And he sits a guy down Sierra that he had no idea that even existed. He just meekly walked back to the dugout in the cycle. All right now, here comes jazz. Chisholm, who's arguably the best player in the game. This last two weeks. He's been red hot, good player. And he three pitches him and the 02 slider he pitched looked robbed in like the carpet. I look each other, and it was just that that realization that this guy's legit Anyone's having 123 inning. And, you know, I mean, look, when you go out there on the debut, you're so over amped geek up. You can't even feel your arm and this kid has a 12312 punch outs. You talk about Living up to the hype making Pat bro look good. That's exactly what this kid did. You know it and it goes to show you too, Mike, these trays that go down You know, like you said, it's 17 year old kid. I mean, whatever, who's he? And you just never know with trades, right? You can't evaluate you can't ever evaluate trades the day of Cause if this guy can continue to be, I'm calling him ST Gregory here because Santo Spanish for Saint Rights If this guy turns into what he can be, that's a heck of a trade by Bobby Evans. And we should probably tip our captain Bob for that, huh? Yeah. He's done a lot of things you need to tip your cap to and you know, he kind of got a lot of criticism when you walk out here, But you're starting to see some of the young talent that that was down in the lower minor leagues that is starting to surface now and you know, dough, talent and Sent those two guys that you know we're going to see a while. I mean, I Can't imagine what Gabe Kapler doesn't want to have these guys around and look It's a small sampling. We've seen an inning or three innings from the tall, one ending from said those or excited about it. We're excited about it. Because we're seeing power. We're seeing power arms coming up out of Giant system and that to me, that is a strength that empowers everybody in the system. It's gonna be awesome. And then back to the guy you mentioned that start Aaron Sanchez, and it's funny cause Sally again another golden interview, he revealed to pop on a really a He said. Yeah, No, he's upset about his velocity. And of course, you know, Sanchez says after the game kind of famously now on viral, he says, I don't give a s about my velocity, which means he probably does give us But he's getting out. That's the crazy thing. So you speak to us about like the war in his brain of like he's probably really mad about the radar gun and yet He's getting out. So what? How's that? How do you think Sanchez? His head is Well, you know, look, he was in kind of a great point the game last night, he said. If you look at Gregory Santos, that's the stuff that Aaron Sanchez had 2016 find nineties with a wipe out slider. That was just stuff to put him on the All Star team in the league strikeout. I mean, That goes he was legit. Now said he resurfaces years later after, you know, going through a substantial arm injury and he's throwing 90 92. Look, I can't explain the work out when he was still in 97. I can't explain it. Giants can explain it. They expected to see that spring training never have, and now we're watching a guy who's really throwing 90 or below. But you know what? He could pitch. You don't need.

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