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Ready for you on the spot. And it's Improv duration. Soule's begins with a Social Faux Pas that I commit that. I have not told the others what it's going to be. I actually true. It's true so far they've all been based on actual real life events. Sorry to everyone involved in my life so the first envelope that we open as a blue envelope and I once we get into the social phobia will open a blue envelope that contains the mid point of our story. Yes we will then have to navigate the story to that that plot point at which point we will open a red envelopes because the stakes are listened to by listener and we will then improvise a story to that point at which place the story usually ends pretty chaotically. Unless there's some sort of a miraculous ending where everybody's okay I'm not because I don't make it easy on ourselves because we also accept a listener submitted rule the episode. We get a rule from a listener. That tells us something. We may not or may be able to do while we are telling the story. Today's rule was submitted by at many roles. Nineteen twenty two and it is every time a new scene starts you have to count it in Allah a one two three four. So if we're starting getting a scene in this office where we are. It's one two three four here. We are today. Welcome to win last island should all get in on that one two three. Yeah to count one two the three four. Thank you for that at many rose. Nineteen twenty nine year olds so if we break the rule and we enter a new scene and we forget to do a one two three four we have to introduce a goat into this story. Also be notified of the rule breaking by this sound. Oh dear friend Sal Yeah I just WANNA clarify for all of us. The frogs deceptive wrote me Eh. It was very loud. Bad timing data. We also have one little caveat which is This little fund button here which gives us this elevator music which is a pause mode where we are now exists outside of the podcast where we can change scenes as much as we want without accountants. Attend yes no. It's fantastic because the kitchen. We're not restricted. Air Force. One Pot went to the Natural Museum of history in Arizona. SONAL and this is where we can talk to clarify certain things and make sure we're on the same. Yeah of course. I never pushed this book. I didn't push it nicely. And now we're among the myriad ways that you can interact with this podcast. One one of them is submitting a topic that we will then turn to theme song one of us. Forget no callback you asking. Hi Cooler making the next thing. You know. You know me and this was submitted mid by William Chambers and I I know him that Willie Chambers that one that I saw the I related this because it actually ties back to some stuff that happened in our In the Social Faux Pas. So let's go on with the with the topics on this song. Aw Come on fire and the you want me to drop you. Want me to drop until you wait. Long draw doc dropped or changed our award. Show me dry dropping flowing. AH cruel out there. That is probably my favorite one of all time however torture Mickey was quite literally squirming and he. He just was trying to hit that Chris. Your nightmare pitcher. Thank you tap Williamson tied together because we were only out eh at Derek's party for one thing multiple things here arms or three going back. Jack Chris I'm surprised the thing Derrick's party. Yeah what happened at a party. One two three four. We were at Derek's Party and I brought a goat because as you guys know Derek way you better than one of his new friends and so I had brought my goat with me. So I have someone to talk to you. And I his name was Jalopy and I. I had him before jalopy fact check. Let's go tweet us. INSTAGRAM friends with US socials socials and call us out. No we've had jalopy the goat before so we're at Derek's party one into knowing I so I Were there you guys are off actually like doing like dancing and in social. And they're just like you're you're squirming on the dance floor as well because Jay. Ward's never dropping. He was not for like forty five minutes. Yeah she wouldn't drop them. It was just going going yes that I wonder who got up and he walked away and he like had I think he had a meal and then he just dropped just like yeah. We're into it. I believe he was. Dj Hot air balloon because it would not drop. When you get a needle and you've just pop that blonde fuck out airborne it but while I was standing in the corner with my goat There was another guy who came up in his name was timothy and I think Timothy. I didn't know this at the time because this is one of the I learned his name by the end of this because of what happened but he came up and it was on the dance when he was and I was like. Hey Chris and we started talking like he's actually a cool guy. He will play the same video games. We do the same movies and stuff and I was like cool like can you tell me Your name again. And he laughed and I was like. Oh okay okay. So then when we started realizing like Oh yeah we actually have read the same books. We're both like music and sound and stuff I was like. Hey I should get your name and contact info. I typed his phone and I said how how about you write your name like how is it spelled. And he said just the usual so fast Ford. I'm at this party talking to the same person for three hours and I still don't know their name. What did you write in your phone? I still haven't oh it's just the number that's in there and it says add context but now you know his name is Timothy by the end of this story. We've had I just haven't changed his name in your phone. No she came here to record this podcast before Oh so we were at this one two three four. Do you guys were having fun with Derek. Right it's so great about him he's a lot of hair okay. rate hair because he has a lot of money. All right. Yeah we have made it. He made it to our sumptuous are agreed. Let's hear it Star true. Why do we care so much? It's literally just paper ripping thank you. I mean you're welcome ask. Chris is known to write motivational letters to himself. He hides the sealed envelopes around his place. So he'll forget about them and find a nice little surprise today. He stumbled upon a bloodstained envelope. It's a highly motive. It's a highly motivational letter from the future Chris Porter instructions and how to survive the next twenty four hours. omeday interesting Jenny in the mid point is Chris is known to write motivational letters to himself. A buddy he hides sealed envelopes around his place so he'll forget about them and find a nice little surprise always just today. He stumbled upon a bloodstained on envelope. It's going to be okay. The highly motivational letter from the future. Chris Porter Instructions on how to survive the next twenty four hours. I thank you for watching my back. That's never give us any motivational motivational letters. Yeah so did feature Chris give us this. I think future Chris did thank. You signed the midpoint. Eight point is bloodstained. Yeah I think it's true. There's not very many distractions surviving okay. We're at the party. Kinda sucks the DJ. Derek is also. Don't talk about the guy who I now know his Timothy. Yeah that's right goat. Whose name was Jalopy Yeah and then catches us all up like hey guys come over here come over here come over here guys come over here. We left local DANCEFLOOR. We were still waiting by the same scene. Turns.

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