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That you had a wonderful Christmas week as we did with our friends and family and that you are still staying safe. And we appreciate you joining us here on the radio as you do every week. Our show. Is all about. Advising an inspiring current and aspiring millionaires. So whether you are a millionaire right now, or you are an aspiring millionaire. We believe that you are in one of those two groups. And so we are here to always talk about your money and how you can always make better financial decisions. It's all about education, and that's why we do this show. Well, we're going to continue our interview series. In our first segment. You heard our wonderful interview that we had with Charles Payne Fox business and the host of making money with Charles Payne. Now we've got another really special treat for you earlier. In the year we're able to visit with My gentleman that you probably know very well, hey is has been a coach to President Donald Trump for the last four decades. And you probably know him best, however, as one of the advisors from the hit reality TV show the Apprentice, and we're speaking, of course of none other than George Ross. George was very gracious and kind to give Victoria little bit of time in an interview that she did with him over Zoom and he shares a lot of great insights on investing and really, just Improving yourself and life. So without further ado, Here's our special interview with George Ross. Well, thank you so much for being here. I have to have full disclosure because I am a huge fan have been a huge chicken since the Apprentice started, and and you sat there the right hand man of Donald Trump. I mean, you became famous, so I guess Yeah. And what you are, everybody. You're a household name, George. They still know it. Amazing. After all these years, it is. Well, that just shows you how you know what an impact that you made. So the first question I have for you is Did you ever think Bye. And you accepted this right? The Donald you to do it, or did you? Hey, I want to do that. No, No, he asked me if I would do what I said. Sure Take. It'll take you three I three hours a week, and I said Fine. That's fine with me. I can handle three hours a week. Well, sure, I never realized The power of television till the show took off. Yeah, so you never dreamed that you would be so become so faint from that particular show you have to understand, Right? Especially going back in my background. I've been in business and in real estate for more than 60 years on huge deals. Who cares? It was a professor at N y u for 25 years more who care, right? You know so that they don't do it and you get on the show. You get yourself and your fire. Nice young kids. Every behold is joint. Wow, it is the reputation is what's amazing to me was a total fluke. And even that great the way things turn out. Sometimes that I think that you just never dreamed And absolutely the thing that I appreciate most Is that the fact that I have the so called being famous Now that I can talk to people I can mentor him and they will listen to me because of who I am. Where they wouldn't have done it if previously and I said that to me is made, so I have an opportunity to culture and go back and I have interviews with great people like you. Oh, well, thank you were like I said, we are honored. What is either the funniest most fun memory may be the most or maybe most bizarre thing that you personally for you that you thought happened on the show while you were the right hand man of Donald Trump. That's interesting. First of all, you understand that the show was never was never never lied. It was taped no script of any kind. They could cut anything that they wanted out of it. You never know how the episode would come out with 11 episode one things that shouldn't my mind it was the Bee contestants has gotten down to four people. On defectively. The task. Woz that they had to get hold of a song. Songwriter had to have it recorded. Played on the air on and effectively the listening audience because it was sounding like radio. The listening audience would say which one they like to need. Ultimately, that would be the perfect contestants that one So that was the task which was going on so When I look what I got briefed on basically what the task was. I said, Wait a minute. This will look into this one question all about and I knew nothing about satellite radio. Nothing. I mean, I was in radio for five many years as you join Donald. You know her, So that seems like that would be right up your alley that e didn't really just players never involved involved with regular radio never involved with satellite radio. So the easiest way to find out is I went on a computer and says What is satellite radio and I found out it after what Itwas now is being broadcast from satellites and it's not local. It could be national could be all over. On and the premium one was serious. And I find out that they have a whole bunch of different channels, which they put in your rooms. Do it right with different type of music and style. Or what have you the music, which they have? Is something called alternative Rock. And they say alternative rock is a particular type of music Now, which you can you can understand the words what?.

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