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To take a bag of cash the more than happy to collect that tax revenue last month. The house committee approved a Bill that would legalize banking for pot businesses. It has one hundred fifty seven bipartisan cosponsors so far anti cannabis groups oppose the Bill and legalization. Generally, they argue the legal trade is a threat to public health that outweighs the tax benefits. But Allison Martin says there are safety reasons to legalize banking for the industry because these are essentially cash only businesses they become sitting ducks for robberies thefts in those sorts of things. Martin co-founded the new site cannabis wire, she's banking is the industry's biggest challenge. I don't think I've talked to anybody who hasn't had banking headaches. Tom giovanni? Says he thinks that will change soon. He says better access to banks would help him grow the business faster and hire more and in the long run raise even more tax revenue for the government. But until then he'll continue moving piles of cash about in bullet-proof vans under a blanket of secrecy. You can Gucci and PR news. It is all over for Johnson publishing company for more than seven decades, the conic black company, the former owner of ebony and jet magazines was at the forefront of African American culture. The company filed for chapter seven bankruptcy late yesterday. And it plans to sell all its assets, and Cheryl corley reports. There is perhaps no better example, Johnson publishing companies disappearing act in here on Chicago's Michigan avenue. I'm standing in front of the company's former headquarters once they luxurious monument to.

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