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Stay Alive Dad had a dad added a fun layer to it. Yeah we played hard mode. Dad Knew Game Blasi because dad has a tick which makes him legally whenever he sees a famous person he has to loudly announce their name or a role that they're well known for Talky. Okay yeah gas four feet away from you now to our credit and I think that this is a testament today did not say there's duckie. He said I wonder if he's still ball because he played LEX luthor authority John Guy turned around and said Yeah Clint and then and then once we got inside the very crowd party that would just go somewhere that would just what we would have to find that because he's can't can't y'all. He can't party anymore he can't he can't party like duckie. Do this. I will say this so dad introducing south to Brandon routh one of the Superman's and then Iran later in the evening our friends urban and Causa introduced me to Brandon routh and Brennan Route said Oh that was your dad. Are there for you in honey in there's two places where travis is known as Max. Max Kid is Huntington and Brandon Ralph's house. Oh yeah you know my friend. You're and you're sad. Your Dad told me later that brandon around the said to him like are you. An actor and data explained all of his stage Arcane Huntington West Virginia. Yes that rules. I'm just I had the the spiritual confidence in my father but I mean like it was the whole thing was weird. I guess it's it's all thank you you to everybody who came out to like our signings and bought our new book the adventuresome or the Report Limited and came to all our events and shows like that's your the you are. Only you're like are cool friend. It's a parties like I don't know a bunch of other people know who these guys are because we certainly don't <hes> so we appreciate it. Thank you for making all our lives so strange. It feels increasingly like a dare. They haven't chickened out yet. Let's see I don't know vitamin to you. I don't know another party with like to John Criers and see if they get him this time. Just one say this world is bullshit. You know this is the we'll fame Fiona Apple. I just wanted to get out there and say like it was a fine party. The hot dogs were just scrumptious but this whole world is bullshit and don't let anybody tell you to be like Fiona Apple said once but Griffin one. If I you want to be like a hobnobbing celebrity that doesn't that's bullshit. Oh no how when John Cryer key members like Hey I met some of your family's. I hear you do a podcast. That sounds really interesting. I used to play and I'm like bullshit. Dude God bullshit. Hey somebody come get duckie Brenner out this like hey me in your brother literally going out for Hamburgers fudd bullshit but I've seen through your lies Superman and when Melissa Romero was like Oh. It's so nice to me. I was like yeah. It's nice to meet years. I'm a huge suzy's. He's bullshit. Justin not like deepen Wolf's clothing I when I met when I met Ashton I said said were you in lion king and he said I wasn't in Lion King. I said what fucking good are. You not wandered away heating. who had the power that relationship that was good? I asked everybody what they thought ally gay or if they were in it that's that's the only view all these people who seen king performed in the film line. <hes> the guy did Mwana the musical guy he came over and I was like Reunion Lion King and he's like just that we bid Fred's for you. It's like I don't have any friends. It didn't work online keg crying that will start crying hurt especially like I was like the only part of this whole and I pointed to everybody at the party world..

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