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When I read a biography of. Martin Luther King junior, and it was very inspired. So as a child over on I wanted to be there. Dr king of this land of Kibera Kennedy set off to do just that. So I can only eleven years ago when I studied abroad on a semester abroad and Kenya. This is Kennedy's wife. Jessica pose ner day who helped co found shelf go, and so I ended up living in Kibera with Kennedy and his family and really getting to see firsthand what life looks like. And I was just so inspired by this kind of candy spirit. I helped Kennedy apply to colleges in America. And when I was at Wesleyan university, he came twelfth land and together really in his college dorm room, we sat together and started thinking about how we could really make the most change for the most number of people. They decided education was the place to start in Kenya. You have to pay for education and most families can't afford it. And if they. Can Jessica says families rarely pay for girls to go to school families living on a dollar a day as a family if you can just imagine that first second families make an economic decision. And they think that boys are going to grow up get a job in a factory, and they educate a boy so in order to provide opportunity for girls Kennedy, and Jessica founded ks g the key better school for girls school, visit occasion. It good. In fact, the first class of eighth graders recently graduated and from that class five girls have now been given the opportunity to come to the US and a ten high school. I got the chance to speak with two of them. Belden Asano Asanga and Eunice a cough. Hello. Hello. Hi, Belden unis are both fifteen grew up in Kibera and are here in the US completing their high school degree, and this is Belden thanks to shining hope for communities, she was able to enroll at the key better school for girls when she was in first grade. Started school. I was so shy. And I didn't speak English. I never understood anything. It was a similar story for Eunice. So I began school at age nine and before that at never stepped into a squawk on pond, I used to stay home. But my parents are illiterate. But with the opportunity to learn both Belden and Eunice came to love school, and it was so much more than just an education that they received it was impoundment too. So for me for girls was like, I need to me. It was a place away from home that taught me can be whatever I want to be over the summer Belden and Eunice came to the United States to attend high school Belden at westover school in Middlebury, Connecticut and Eunice at miss Porter's school in Farmington, Connecticut, getting a chance to study in the us on a path to college something they never thought possible, but shelf coz work is so much more than just the key better school for girls shelf. Go is now opened up a second school, and it takes a holistic approach to helping communities in Kenya. Is that health is that important? Around.

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