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There are Democrats that they voted, You know, they voted in for de Blasio, right and now whoa. They got a problem because three out of the 139 hotels being used to house the homeless in the city Are now in the upper Westside, and they are packed. So 10,000 homeless people, mostly men, mostly single men they have been put up in these, like some of them are like luxury hotels all throughout the city. And the the city is the city's paying quite a bit. So now theme is going to pay 75% of it. But the city is responsible for 25% of the bill, and what they have to pay is $175 per person They put they put up in the room, and then they're doubling up. The guy's so then you have two guys per hotel room. That's $350 a night in an otherwise what would have beat what would be an empty hotel. So you do the math. That's why this is such a lucrative thing for the hotels. And then on the Upper West side, guys, you are not going to believe this. Their housing these guys like around the corner from playgrounds around the corner from public schools. And so now you've got all these upper Westside progressive liberals that they're like. Yes, yes. All lie. Everybody matters and we need to be equal and we need to help. Oh, but not in my neighborhood. Oh, no, no, no, not in my neighborhood. Well, guess what now? I read all the blog's and they're talking about how well Well, this is a family friendly neighborhood. Can't you move them over to the Upper East Side? Or how about the blocks about Queen? Yeah. Welcome to the neighborhood, ladies or men. Whatever. Upper West siders. Welcome Welcome Because this has been going on for years in the city For years, I've covered numerous stories like this. Where Queens that just all of a sudden, the hotel motel. All of a sudden becomes a Ah homeless shelter and the residents. No one gets notified. It's not right. But I am going to talk more about what possibly could be done. I want to hear your input as well. Give me a call at 1 808 for a W A. B C That's 1 808 for 8 90 t 22 again. I'm Lydia Saran. I You confine me on Social Media. Lydia News. That's L I d I A and he's up us. And I'll be right back after this break these news.

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