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Eddie Guerrero with Conan Ramos? Stereo live talk is Jericho with the entire bullet club. Live talk is Jericho with Jim Ross and Jerry king Lawler Mick Foley doing his twenty years of l. stand up show talking all about that fateful night at the hell. The cell. Don't forget about killing the town. Keep it at one hundred numbers is Don callous disco inferno versus Paul Lazenby and the sea of honor tournament first round has been announced lethal versus Whitmer Daniels delirious skirl versus Titus. Silence youngest as Gordon Mark Briscoe versus Ferraro Adam page versus because area and Chiba versus beer city bruiser and Jay Briscoe versus Kenny king. And of course live music Fosse. We've land three times Corey tale of Slipknot, and stone sour stone sour. Currently on tour with Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Campbell in the bastard sons king, the stir who is with us right now, there are kick ass rock and roll band. Dave Spitak project will be there. You've heard him and his music right here at talk is Jericho. The dogs of rock and roll the cherry bombs shoot to thrill the world's greatest ACDC government, female. Blizzard of Oz, world's best Ozzy Osbourne cover band male beyond the darkness scaring the pants off them. Professional wrestling show with Martin Rosanne Colt Cabana, busted open radio. We'll be there live comedy from Brad Williams, Craig gas, Ron funches the impractical jokers, Sal and q.. So. So much stuff going on. So cow will be there Noel Foley. It'd be there Mandy, Leon, Kelly Klein, Sumi, Sakai. Just announced this week, brandy roads. I got nothing else for you. If that's not enough to make you book a cabinet on this cruise, then I don't know what else is Chris Jericho, cruise dot com is the address to Goto. We are less than one hundred cabins away. Book your cabin now and make history less than a hundred times we from selling out. So be part of.

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