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It's almost like an out of body experience nearby dillon chapelle was among tens of thousands of people forced to evacuate in a hurry when he came back his home was burning down to its stunts firefighters managed to pull out the families christmas tree i'm in shock i think correspondent kris martinez power was knocked out to nearly two hundred thousand homes and businesses president trump is touched off a political firestorm with plans to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and move the us embassy there from tel aviv chef don't reports it is here in the old city of jerusalem which is also sacred to christians we can get a sense for how difficult this real estate is to carve up the western or wailing wall one of the holiest sites for jews and beyond that is one of the domes of 'yellowbox them off which is one of the most sacred safe for muslims president expected to make the announcements wednesday a week to go before alabama specials senate election and republican kennedy roy moore was rallying supporters tonight we should jiang reports steve bannon joined a republican senate candidate ruin more at a campaign rally in alabama tuesday night blasting washington republicans and say they believe moore's accusers they want to destroy judge roy moore and you know why they want to take your voice away at least nine women have accused more of sexual misconduct some were teenagers when moore was in his thirties take my wife protect the foundation we started in most recently my character despite the claims president trump and the republican national committee have decided to fully support more michigan democratic congressman john conyers announced his retirement tuesday mid sex allegations the international olympic committee has taken the unprecedented step of barring russia from next year's winter games in south korea a result of doping by russian athletes in the 2014 games in soji the ioc will however allow individual russian athletes who have not been involved in doping to complete compete as independents but not under the russian flag dr richard lap chickens with the institute for diversity an ethics in sports quick allowing yet without you play or association russia make it a little easier but i think the fact that the you'll have to committee taken the faction as.

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