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What one thousand eighty okay if you were born in nineteen fifty five that was a top yeah and my game here in the studio seems to think they know how to dance like that they're much younger but we do know how to do hi I know you know how to dance that would be Patrick my son my number one Oklahoma St but Hey guys it's time to play tag the Tahoe we do have some listeners on the newsmaker line so let's start out with Timothy Timothy where are you calling from Oklahoma City Oklahoma City do you know how to play tag the Tahoe yes okay all right first question who is the sponsor of the week comfort keepers K. got number one right that's fifty Bucks down one to go let me ask you a couple of questions before we go to the second question are you a first responder military teacher or Oklahoma law enforcement no ma'am but I respect them all I do too that's why we relate take good care of them all right where did you see the Tahoe the railroad fiftieth in may you have to stand up and down the Avenue and how did you hear about tag the Tahoe my mom actually listen to your radio station and I guess down sometimes also and that side drive by there and all the everything else agents up there it is staring danceable Timothy hang on you will have to come to my office and pick up the hundred dollar bill that night can and needs to get your information bring your smiley face we will distance from you okay but do you have yeah I do I'll I'll I'll go ahead and wear masks yeah a clean one hundred dollar bills absolutely.

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