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FM W M A L A cumulus stations used now not wearing a face mask could now be a federal offenses on Jack Callahan Fox news if it violates the latest mask mandate handed down Friday. The Centers for Disease Control asks, Must be warned. My all travelers on all public transportation is does include ride shares and transportation hubs. Almost public transportation already required a mask. The CBC order will make it easier to enforce foxes actually, Strohmeyer reports by imposing federal penalties. The new order takes effect on Monday closer to a third Corona virus vaccine choice. Johnson and Johnson plans to ask the Food and Drug Administration next week. Who approved for emergency use its Corona virus vaccine. It's less effective than the fighter or Moderna vaccines. But Dr Anthony Fauci says it has advantages. This is a single shot vaccine in which you start to see efficacy anywhere from 7 to 10 days following the first and only shot and unlike the other vaccines, it does not need to be kept in the deep freeze. President Biden urging fast congressional approval of coronavirus stimulus package proposed to go $1.9 trillion measure. Congress could be considering next week high support passing Cobra relief with support from Republicans if we get it, but the cove relief has to pass. There's no if endure much. The president, speaking with reporters near Marine One Republicans have balked at the price had given a $900 billion measure passed late last year. Democratic leaders in Congress are kicking up a process known his budget reconciliation, a legislative tool that would free up the Senate. The past covert relief with a simple majority, avoiding a 60 vote. Filibuster threshold watches. Jared help run the covert tracking project. Reports just over 3500 deaths Friday blamed all the virus. Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch, who was vaccinated has now tested positive said to be without symptoms. He's self quarantining America is listening to Fox News. Today in school. I learned a lot In chemistry. Learned. No one likes me. In English. I learned that I'm disgusting. And in physics. I learned that I'm a loser. Today in school, I learned that I'm ugly and useless. And Jim Allen that I'm pathetic in a joke in history, I learned that I'm trapped in school. I learned that I have no friends in English. I learned that I make people's fixed. And at lunch, I learned that I stood on my own because I smell in chemistry. I learned that no one in biology chemistry When that I'm fat and stupid and in math, I learned that I'm trash. The only thing I didn't learn in school today..

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