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I'm not, you know, I didn't, I didn't play with him. He was not around. I hear different stories about Tommy Einstein. I just how good he was. My only recollection is that is one. I saw a movie with called the green book. I think it was the green book, wasn't it? Yeah, it was green book. And the green book and they talked about it was a book about people of color during the 60 50s and the 60s if they wanted to go to a hotel. They had a green book which gave them segregated hotel rooms that they could go to in different towns. And it was a famous concert pianist who was in New York who was touring the entire south. And he was using the green book to go around and he finally got to say Birmingham, Alabama sub. He was going into a restaurant. He wanted to eat because he was playing there. And they went in the line to go there and the restaurant owner said, yeah, but let me just tell you a story. He said, the world famous Boston Celtics won the world championship and they came through here and they're big kahuna and he was talking about Bill Russell a that. And the guy said, and he looked at him and then he said, I don't know, but I could tell you what it wasn't here. And that made me really feel like, wow, that what a story that is of the shoulders of a giant that I have stood on. When I look at him, I look at Tom heinsohn, I look at, especially the guys of color who played during that time. Casey Jones, Sam Jones, who told the story to me how he was so quick with everything. He said, I want to say Fort Wayne Indiana someplace that he beat all the guys to the lunch counter and he gets there with his tray and the lady looks at and looks at him since sir, I can't serve you. So what do you mean? He said, we don't, we don't serve blacks here. We don't serve colors here. And he said, he was just demoralized about how that was. And he said, cozy in them, they end up bringing food to him from that particular restaurant. And it's just strange because again, here those players were entertaining the masses, but the masses would not allow them allowed them to eat in the same restaurant. I think that's where Sam they all left. Didn't they? They boycotted Russell Sam Casey. That's when they came home and said go home. When they boycotted, I'm pretty sure. I don't know if and I know red is that kind of person he was, he was about protecting people and all that, but I don't remember a story like that where he stood this ground and said, look, we're not going to play. You're going to get the video next because you'll love that story. It's an interesting one. I got another question. Any Rick Barry sightings? I was a Rick. In his own mind, Rick Barry is every place, okay? You know who I did see. I'm sure you saw him too out there, max. I can't think of his name. Great. Good time. Who is it? Bill Walton, Bill Walton. He was in the press conference room, just sitting there taking it in, laughing. I was like, what is this guy doing? Everybody loves Walton. I always tells me all the time, oh my God, max. Thank you. You thank you for giving your life for me. Getting traded to the clippers, you gave your basketball life..

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