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And basically i think that this is a far more engaging version of the lara croft story than you had before rated pg thirteen three stars because of what it is not because it's a great movie three stars because it's a successful lara croft movie it seems to me the most successful so far meanwhile another film that you've seen versions of before is called seven days in entebbe and this is the latest film version i think it's the fifth of the most famous antiterrorist operation ever it's july fourth nineteen seventy six the two hundred anniversary of the declaration of independence and israeli commandos are trying to rescue over two hundred hostages who have been taken by palestinian terrorists led by two german terrorists played here by rosamund pike oscar nominee and daniel blow two hundred thirty nine posted us at entebbe eighty or israel weapons and bombs stories history we have to act they could be negotiating with terrorists if you wanna take control of the airport going to have to use a much bigger force but it's impossible to move a force of that size four thousand kilometers undetected we can't just sit here to nothing whatever happens we did the right thing.

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