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Is a better experience for your hair is soft your skin is softer you've got to get a Connecticut if you're thinking about doing it but you're not ready to purchase they've got a great rental program ask them about this Connecticut will rate you their system but you're gonna wanna trust me when I say so they also let you tried out for ninety days free if you don't like your water they will take it back and no cost to you six five six your six five six P. U. R. E. that spells out six five six seventy eight seventy three or go online Connecticut S. A. dot com don't put up with hard water anymore don't take a chance with big money appliances failing because of it get a Connecticut today not all the news these days is good but not knowing is not an option that's why I turn on W. O. A. I. first thing in the morning to keep coming back all day we only see one real time he was radio twelve hundred WOAI just ahead of headlines traffic and weather together coming up after flash back the field trip a ball field trip happened then I'll explain the right now good luck to Randy Jill is smell what I have said that I had no prior knowledge it was February Monday and the electronic voting on the Watergate U. S. Attorney General John Mitchell and White House aides Haldeman and Ehrlichman are sentenced to eight years in prison for the Watergate scandals what I've said all along and it still is true on TV Marty Miller first season on NBC and sings stolen merchandise to throw a good look at it brand new in theaters perfect this makes its debut lastly strollers became number.

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