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Off and their downs at all. That's what let's. Here's another little Harlem avenue is a rather important north south street. Here's another one. That says I grew up in park. I was told the expressway entrance is on the left because the pumping station for the village. Water supplies on the right? Well, that would make sense it'd be a little tough to move. Another one says the left lane on the Eisenhower done for politic were done for political reasons. Politics entering in something like this. Here's another one. That says that the El tracks are on the right? Is that right? The El tracks are in the center thought like they are going out to a hair. That's what I thought the end in the end what lake avenue, I believe in oak park think. So. Yeah. Yeah. Leave so well, there's a little smattering of opinions on our text line just going to show it in essence than us caution. If you are on the Eisenhower today, it is slow inbound between Mannheim and displays it is also slow inbound between Damon and the burn interchange over half hour, three ninety into the burn twenty minutes from Mannheim. Slow going on the Kennedy of in a number of places inbound between the O'Hare extension and Harlem avenue and the Kennedy. It is thirty one minutes from O'Hare to downtown twenty minutes for Montrose thirteen in the express lanes and on the Bishop Ford, we had an earlier accident that his caused some gems both inbound and. Outbound of the inbound accident was around one hundred fifteenth street that is now clear, but it is a twenty five minute trip from eighty ninety four to the Dan Ryan and about twenty minutes outbound from the Ryan to eighty ninety four because of gapes block because of that accident and finally on the Indiana toll road continuing construction at the state line out to calcium avenue northwest, Indiana causing delays on the toll road. Likewise, inbound to Illinois from calcium at avenue to the Indiana toll road toll booth there down to one lane there also doing some extended bridge work in a couple of places on the toll road for personalized traffic on.

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