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Don't wanna miss that so hang on a second Hillary in the twitterverse talking to her her friends and followers about our lives so let me add my voice I pledge to continue to speak out I pledge to never give up and get a drink I will do everything I can get a drink to get my voice for sure that is not good at all she will you I mean that sounds that's a pretty dry cough to this is diagnosed the hardest listen that's not a good call there's a way to that there's nothing productive about that no there is not yours you know if somebody roll her on her side so she could loosen that up a little bit please and don't cover her blow holy keeper moist please don't hate is five fifteen what marketing anniversary today are with the the fiftieth remembrance yeah this is fifty years today remember the Apollo thirteen explosion course you wouldn't remember you were you were you were merely a baby I was nine but this is two days in the mission and they had that horrible explosion that what happened an oxygen tank exploded in the what's called the service module and they had to abort the actual landing to the moon but their lives were in peril three astronauts level sh swagger in Hays for for about just six days as I try to make their way back and it was in late as you want is one of these things that turned out to be actually the greatest accomplishment one of the greatest accomplishment of the mission control the greatest rescues actor should in here it is there.

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