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And that's one day. If we learn a know enough about the t we can develop at a treatments so with more science, we have a better explanation. We will hopefully tend to blame people less but also develop new ways out of addiction because of our new insight. Yeah, I mean, I think to people that are working in the area of the biology of addiction the idea of blaming the the patients is is nothing. We even talk about anymore because nobody thinks that way in the medical community and the research community, but I think you're exactly right. That by doing this kind of research, we come up with really concrete examples that maybe some of your listeners and other people can relate to that demonstrate how not everybody's dealt the same deck of cards. Not everybody goes into these situations with the same strengths and weaknesses, and therefore some people are very vulnerable to these substances, which are prevalent in our society, and that shouldn't be seen as a personal weakness. That shouldn't be seen as something that they are blamed for that should be seen instead as as of Ulmer ability that they have that we all as a society need to help them to avoid, ideally. And if if voidance fails then to deal with and recover from as Sandra looted to one of the one of our hopes personally is that this biological understanding might lead to novel treatments might need to new ways that we could intervene. So that somebody who's trying to remain absent Anders trying to decrease or completely stop drug. Use would be able to do that more easily because we would actually be able to say, look, we're going to do something that's gonna change the biology of your brain in a positive way in a way that makes these drugs less tempting or the inner drips this kind of compulsive tendency to seek an use the drugs. In fact, we should be treating mental illnesses in the same way that we're treating medical or physical conditions. Yeah. And as you said, you know, no one chooses to have a heart attack. And I think that's. Such a powerful metaphor. We don't choose to break our bones. We have accidents. But to see these in the less, judgmental scale and more of this is part of what it is to be a life form. This is to be human constrict away, some of the factors that inhibited from from approaching each other with compassion and with actual answers such a stigma. I agree. And also, you could say that it's a mistake for somebody who to have taken the drugs in the first place, and it's a mistake for somebody to have allowed themselves to progress down a road towards addiction, but we've all made.

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