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I it Diane. My mind new revelations about the trump presidency from himself on the inside. Olten famous Labor refused to testify in front of Congressional Committees. Your impeachment hearings. But the former national security adviser shared his view that president in a new book. Big Takeaway. There is no question. Trump was holding up aid to Ukraine and exchange for dirt on the Biden's. or at least that's that those who've gotten their hands on the book say. As we recorded this episode that trump administration was fighting books relates. Peter and the New York Times. He is one of those people who's already read it. He joins me to discuss how if at all these revelations might affect Donald Trump and the twenty twenty election. Peter, do right that when it comes to president trump and his administration. What was one shocking seems like another day, and now we have John Bolton Book. What is this? Is this a new new normal? Yeah, it's a great question. I mean on some levels. What you see John? Bolton's book ratifies things we've been hearing and seeing their own eyes, and of course reporting on now for three years. It's a president who doesn't seem particularly well informed about the world. A White House that's dysfunctional and rife with internal division. You know decision. Making that's impulsive and instinct driven rather than. Deliberate but I. Think it's really striking to see it all. Put a one place by somebody WHO's in the Oval Office every day. You know the accounts we've had so far been journalistic or have them by lower level AIDS perhaps or the anonymous book of course Jon was the president's national security adviser for seventeen months. I can't think of any book and I've been around. Around for a while in Washington a lot of tell all books over the years in some of the mood, very unflattering about the president's Today wrote about, but I can't think of any that is quite as damning as this one. This one has a nasty by saying. The president is states was only about himself and cared about his own fortunes, even the expensive national. National interests and he did many things that he used the phrase obstruction of justice as a way of life. That's a really powerful statement and I guess what the point that story was. Let's not look size simply because we feel like we've seen a lot of this before. Some of this is actually really important to look at so John. Bolton was somebody who was there. There on a daily basis, I think we should not put aside the fact that he was asked to testify during the trump impeachment hearings and chose not to win..

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