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And details at Washington auto show dot com Mask and proof of accent vaccination required Jack Taylor WTP traffic Okay Mike Jennifer we've got some changing temperatures now and some snow is now headed our way The good news for us is that some new computer models are delaying the change over to snow So our updated forecast clown for range changing over to snow by about 9 o'clock this morning due to the later change over I think we're going to see generally a one to two inch snow came in mission across most of the area The winter weather advisory continues until early afternoon The big story too is that this will also delight temperatures falling to around freezing So much of the rush hour should be okay the worst of the weather coming in about 9 to 11 o'clock this morning as temperatures fall to around freezing so oh no A little bit of weather forecast than we had earlier today Overnight cloud cover breezy coat or lows in the teens cloud cover and cold tomorrow highs 25 to 30 a slight chance of lifestyle flurries on Saturday the bulk of that snow stays well to our south Otherwise that I just turning sunny but still called the highs that loaded mid 30s Attempts are still well above phrasing that is good news for travelers 36 had photographed out Delos airport 40 BW Marsha 41 in boosted Jen We have a temperature of 42 at Reagan national And it's 41° in friendship heights now brought to you by dulles glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs visit dulles glass dot com dulles glass love your glass And just into the TLP newsroom both fuck here and Queen Anne's county public schools are closed today due to that snow that is being forecasted Now earlier this morning both of those school systems said that they would have delayed openings but once again fakir and Queen Anne's county public schools will be closed today 6 52 now.

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