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Streaming. Wipro keene New Hampshire. This is your host Chris so I've got a bunch of interesting Stories today in some video to share From two different events one Actually one of them sort of events so one of them was on Friday. I went to a March eight Honi march to be precise and now this is not. MLP The march was in regards to vermin supreme. Hey presidential candidate who made his announcement at. Ah The in Concord New Hampshire at the State House. And it's just a really interesting video We'll we'll get to that in a bit and and before before we also have We've got another story that actually involves Myself and being arrested two years ago For Affect effectively I was. I was filming a police officer in Manchester New Hampshire in the very corrupt and New Hampshire Mansa Manchester New Hampshire ad and they were not happy about at that so that the conclusion. That's coming up. There's a story that was written up by freaking which is a me. I do media correspondent work for free gain and the road up a story. I don't actually write for frigging but I do Video video work for them Going to State House To fill hearings and Protests in New Hampshire and Trying to think what other what other kind of stuff happens. uh-huh marches like the March This video potentially could have been used or might be used on the on the freaking site that I took that I will share on the show with you. You and I'm trying to think what else there's just a a bunch of difference. Just a bunch of different stuff. That that's going on in New Hampshire anyway. So that's that's that's that's the initial start and then what we're I'm actually not going to start with that that's GonNa come up some time later in the show. I'm going to start off with with. Let me let me get into a little bit. We're going to start off with and then you know and then we'll actually start the show but so dot org is is being sold off to a for profit company. Apparently it was a nonprofit that was owned by for profit which. I don't don't quite understand how that works. I understand how a nonprofit owned a for profit entity that make sense to me but the other way round. I'm it's not so sure anyway. I guess I guess as long as they're not making money off. Yes that's not a problem. Supreme Court will hear Google's appeal in massive copyright suit brought by Oracle. That's this is a great thing to hear that the Supreme Court will be hearing Their arguments over. API's is and whether or not that should be balloted about copyright copyrighted and obviously shouldn't be but anyway we'll get into the story a little bit. I R S voices concerns over crypto kiosks. ATM's I will probably be Breaking News on the first arrest. How when it comes to any kind of incident over over Vending machines with the IRS or FBI in terms of arrests. Because well people in New Hampshire. Just I don't agree with the IRS stance on this moving on our next story is from our TECHNICA FCC by dozens of cities after voting waiting to kill local fees and Rolls Uber. Hit with six hundred fifty million dollar employment tax bill in New Jersey regulating tell technology firms in the twentieth century. A Canadian court rejects revenue. I'm sorry reverse class action win against bittorrent. So that's a little bit of news. Court punishes copyright troll lawyer for repeatedly lying to the court cases. I Ah I'm conflicted about this case. The Guy Basically is well. I guess he didn't get excessively punished for for for the lying that he did but in some respects it. I don't know it was it. Did they did end up increasing the punishment after he kind of felt that comply which seems Kinda wrong to me but anyway way blueprints for three D. printed guns band online again So they they I believe there was a so. This is involving Cody Wilson and basically they he published blueprints online for gun. Ten in years ago now I think it was and it's basically been you know the lot of states have been like trying to get these taken down and the feds have under. I think wasn't Obama They they basically I think bandit and then trump Unbanned it and now it was taken to court and now there I guess they've banned it again. effectively but we'll get into that story in a bit and you can find out more than we got another story pay pal pulls out of porn hub. Hurting hundreds of thousands thousands of performers youtube new kids content system has creator scrambling yet. Sounds pretty pretty bad. But it's not nothing surprising in a youtube. NYPD kept an illegal database of juveniles fingerprints. Four years another. That doesn't surprise me. Dutch court orders facebook to ban celebrity celebrity CRYPTO SCAM ADS after another lawsuit and This I think we're GONNA do in the second half of the show. Oh because we're basically beyond the halfway point at this point in in what's coming up exclusive city of Manchester gives me fifteen thousand dollars after illegal arrest by lying in Combat Dui checkpoint. I'll everybody wondering who that was all right so we'll get started. The VERGE DOT COM so says the story about about dot org website that has or I'm sorry Dot were it's the registry or I don't know if you call call the registry you know the the main registry not the not the resellers effectively just sold itself to a for profit company. It's my understanding of it and I will bring up that story here so you guys can read along if you so choose and you're at least if you're actually watching the show and not just listening to the podcast version today. The Public Public Interest Registry which maintains the dot org top level domain announced that it will be acquired by ethos capital a private equity eighty firm Avia domain. Name wire okay this move will make. Pr Previously nonprofit domain registry. Three officially part of a for profit company interesting which certainly seems at odds with what org might represent to some it definitely seems at odds. uh-huh originally DOT ORG was an alternative to the DOT com. I don't know if you could describe alternative to the DOT com. I mean when when they came out with Domain names initially. It was one of the domain names that you could get and it was was. I think originally restricted to organizations And then it kind of like became sort of regulated but it still was always always always has and probably will be used primarily by organizations and you know mainly nonprofits but sometimes like.

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