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Three in brea, Jill Scott, the Hollywood headlines coming up, thanks to science. We now know the most influential film ever made. And I'm sure you've seen it. I'll tell you which one it is at seven fifty June happy news right now. Kevin, my friend. What is your happiness today next week and just a few days? My parents are flying out here we do this every year, it's sort of like the inbetween thanksgiving and Christmas. This is our holiday celebration. My dad's birthday is also coming up. So we celebrate all of it at once. They're coming in a few days. That's nice. Yeah. I'm excited about your dad. Who is a Maya FM holiday hero in spirit. Yes. Yes. What about you guys? Do you have heavy news story valley? I don't know if that was an awesome. What is yours? Good to see wicked tonight with my wife. We can't use it because I just took it. That's weird. Okay. Thanks. Wicked. Yeah. I guess that's why happiness jumped on it. But that's your happiness to all right, Brian. What's your happiness? I won't be here. Next friday. So I'm gonna use this. My sister Sarah is going to be getting married next Friday, I'm going to be traveling to pay for the wedding. You're also now you're next Wednesday. Are you? Well, that's next Thursday. Also, correct us and then not Friday. So I'd like to read you buy happiness. That's awesome. Now, she works. The Sierra Club doesn't change. She does she lobbyist for the Sierra Club director of their political action committee. Wow. Yes. Yeah. Yes, sir. That's fantastic. Very proud of your sister. I am. And I love the guy that she's marrying jazz. Great great guy. So we're all thrilled. Good deal could deal. All right. Eight six six five four four my FM. Oh Caitlin Caitlin. How are you? I'm good. How are you guys? Caitlyn? We're doing good. And I hear you have an update for us. I do. Okay. Suggest to reset Caitlyn road into us the other day and Facebook, and we chatted with around the air. She was in tough spa. She was told by her parents that she would have to drop out of school at Cal poly Pomona and move back to Minnesota with them were helping pay for education, helping supplement rent out here and everything they said, no we want you back home in Minnesota. You have to drop out of school. She's thriving at Cal poly Pomona should not want to do that. What's the update? I talked to my parents. And I had my dad talk to my adviser at the school about how I'm doing. And with all that they are allowing me to stay in finish my schooling. Yeah. That's awesome wanted. Yes. Did we help in any way Oster the folks that call into the show? Sweet. Having calling you guys and talk with you guys about this..

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