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The unitarian universalist church of annapolis to grieve and pay tribute to five murdered newspaper employees one of which was a member of that church when pastor described the mounting dread he had felt as it became clear that windy winters did not survive thursday shooting at the capital gazette in annapolis the sixty five year old winters was a special publications editor and a mother of four settle those attending the vigil gasped when another pastor noted that winters had participated in a training session at the church just three weeks ago on how to respond to an active shooter president trump made his public remarks about the deadly shooting at the newspaper speaking in the east room at the white house the president says the attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief journalists like all americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job the president was speaking at a previously scheduled event to mark the six month anniversary of the republican tax bill i california man's under arrest accused of threatening to kill the family of the chairman of the federal communications commission over internet speeds thirtythreeyearold mark horo man who lives here in southern california is accused of sending threatening emails to fcc chairman ajit pie federal prosecutors say the emails claimed pie was responsible for a child who man said committed suicide because of net neutrality regulations being repealed and they say he threatened to kill pies family when arrested they claimed man admitted that he had sent the emails because he was angry about the repeal of net neutrality rules in wanted to scare pie alex stone abc news los angeles if convicted man could get up to ten years in prison members of one arizona family you're being honored with congressional gold medals ktar's mark carlson tells us that those honored today served in the volunteers civil air patrol paul burke francis burke weeden and philipsburg were all honored today with congressional gold medals sharon franklin a phoenix is related to all three burks so proud of my family and what my parents and my grandfather did in the life of the community i'm just very proud of everybody john gruber received a gold medal for his grandfather paul burke my middle name is paul i'm named after him in that department and it's quite an honor needless to say the civil air patrols made up of civilian volunteers their mission.

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