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Patriots. The rams have been devastated at running back with a season ending injury to presume starter camakers. And they've got a bunch of unknown backs michelle average five point seven yards a carry nine games last year. Pablo does trading for michelle. Solve the rams running back problem. I think it does tony. What's funny about this story to me. Is that lots of other. Smaller moves might have solved it too because running back as you know i mean to me. It's the most replaceable position in the nfl. That's not news to anybody. The rams in particular though are a team that has taken guys like cj anderson off the street and made them viable playoff starters. So they didn't need to do this. So what does it say though that they did do this. It tells me that all of the chips tony. Every possible chip is moving to the center of the table. They could not be more all in on this season. They see even an upgrade a minimal one in my mind at running back they see that as important because they're going for the super bowl we just hosted by the way in l. a. Of course this year there are some people say that the rams should have waited to see who got caught. I don't think they should. I think sony michelle is a professional running back and they know him well and let me get the statistics. Correct here because the super bowl a few years ago he carried it eighteen times from ninety four yards and a touchdown against them. And the guy who beats you was always the guy you want and by the way to your point if they have super bowl pretensions here they might want to get a guy who in three playoff games that year had six touchdowns. I am so happy to hear you say this. Because i normally sit beside will bond. Who's always telling me how the arizona cardinals where he coincidentally owns. A home are so much better than the rams and i thought that when the rams got matthew stafford given the fact they have the number one defense anyway when they got stafford. I i've said on this show. I think they're the super bowl team. I think it's them or the buccaneers in the nfc. Tony which is no slight. Of course to the rams. I think they're just as good as you say. And i had southwick a sham on. Espn daily today to talk about matthew stafford and what he does for that offense. Sean mcvay get this. Sean mcveigh had to read defenses. Four jared goff. That was the issue in los angeles. Matthew stafford is not a guy he needs to hold his hand through. Matthew stafford is not just bringing a giant arm to that offense which makes of course the running back position that much easier to play when that guy is under center he brings a brain that we haven't really acknowledged because he played in detroit. But sean mcvay is so excited about the brain and the arm of this guy. And i think he has every reason to. I'm just going to be quick on this. And repeated again they already have the number one defense in points and yards allowed. And they just throw it in a terrific quarterback for sean mcveigh. Who knows what to do on offense. I think they're real good. I do so speaking of the difference. That a title entitled contention can make tony world champion bucks in the nba. They awarded their head coach. Booed and halts a three year extension through twenty twenty-five so how should coach bud feel about getting extended after so many had him fired during the playoffs. So i mean. I never really understood the amount of heat that he was going to take. But i'll reference wilpon again because we went back and forth during the playoffs with things rather bleak from milwaukee and he just said he said a number of times on this show milwaukee's stupidest team in the nba and he held boot and holzer personally responsible and said if they don't win the title. This guy should get fired. So let's just look and see what happened okay. How bad a job he did. They were down to against the nets. They came back and they won. They were down to in the finals against young and they came back and they sweat. Phoenix win superstars. I'm told all the time devon booker and chris paul. They swept them in the last four games of the finals. Boot meltzer had to have something to do with this. Yes look in. We'll bonds defense if kevin durant foot is one centimetre behind the three point line instead of directly on it his call and boot and hope you're getting fired may have come true and no one would have really complained what you're right about. I finals in particular tony. Because what he did was. Adjust the knock on. Mike and holzer was that he doesn't adjust he doesn't do the switching defense. He doesn't bench brook lopez. He doesn't play janas at the five. He doesn't play a starters enough he did all of that and it got him a title and the biggest knock on booed holzer honestly for being real about. This is that his appearance. Is that of a guy who just woke up on his couch at three. Am because he's afraid of getting yelled at for taking the trash out by his wife. He looked rumpled and a mess with that. Same dude was in total control. And i have to applaud them for that. Yeah let me say again. He won people will say oh he had onto to quimpo philadelphia. Had embiid data didn't win denver. They didn't win. This guy went out there and delivered. I'm not saying he's the greatest coach in the world. But he's got a ring other people at the moment and.

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