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Good morning new york. This is the cat's table. John katzman matiz here sunday morning. Well we have a new governor. A new governor in the state of new york and with this is one of our previous governors. We have governor paterson Good morning governor. How are you. I'm good john and locked on in. Albany give us an update on the transition. How it's going What you see happening ads. You remember there was a con. Edison transformer that broke down on the new york city. Subways last weekend and it caused long and unnecessary delays. Well the new governor. Kathy ho came down to new york city herself to talk about this problem. And how to address it and Thinking now about perhaps reformulating her appointees to the mets transit is already the and yeah. Well once you got back to albany. It was time to turn around again because the storm hurricane ida The end of that storm hit the new jersey and new york and connecticut areas over tuesday wednesday and it was considerable damage in westchester and Particularly in In queens and some of the areas where there was excessive flooding in fact the two people lost their lives in queens and she was right. Here right on the spot talking about relief and assistance Then she goes back to me but you take the whole legislature with him in an extraordinary what they call a special session. Because president vines housing relief effort was struck down by the supreme court so the states have to do with themselves. New york was actually the third state to come back and they will be needed Obviously rent relief and also some Minor relief for Some of the business owners landlords themselves to try to get through this period Where the Kobe has risen. Morgan has a while so she had a very busy week. Now the interesting thing about bringing the legislature back to do this is that the progressive members of the legislature. Couldn't wait to get there. Because obviously they are helping people who aren't going to have to pay their rent right now now down the road that's going to be a real problem You just can't keep doing that ad infinitum but it's a early strike for governor hull to have a rapprochement with the progressive party. The democratic party not necessarily expected to support her. But this is what. I was talking to you about last week. This is the time of her to score points and none of a perspective opponents. Really do anything about it. In fact one of them jimani williams who is the public advocate of the city of new york complimented her quite strongly. So do you not only had a an effective working but she had a good political week as well. Well governor. meaning you have discussed it to fact as I understand there are people still suffering because they lost their jobs because of covert etc..

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