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Oh yeah. Yeah, for sure. I'm just going down through some of the Irish Guinea's entries for 8 O'Brien. Who is left in? Because they're not stuck for a few runners. That's for sure. August Rodin, he's going to be the main Derby player. Yeah, he apparently walked about at the core yesterday. So I hear apparently little big bird did very well too. Yeah. He gave a special mention to a horse named the listeners might knock down a horse called Tower of London. Yeah. He gave him a mention as well. So he might be wanting to keep on side as well. Not entered for the Irish 2000 guineas, but good old Victoria road is. And yeah, we'll get to do a proper deep dive into resources. Very, very soon. On the final front podcast. Visualization in the listed race. What did you make of this one for Joseph O'Brien? Visualization and where's my notes on visualization for Joseph? Come on, man. That's just too much racing this weekend too, which racing. Yeah, she beats on chair, sorry of Andrew slattery. He's a frustration start at sunshine. Isn't he related a 103 now? God, many races he won looking back. I don't think he's has he want to race? Yeah, he's won one from 90 and for a horse, his ability. That's the first thing that caught me, I was on chair placed again, but he's a really good yard sticker in his own chair. I don't think he's a bad attitude or anything that was if you're beaten. You know, you're above average, let's say that you're available beverage. And this one, again, has a monarch since last September. But it was very good in fairness. The other day stayed on well. Good to see Dexter McDonald back with a couple of horses and he sort of went for the way so it is small this and recently was going to see him back with a listed winner there. But again, hasn't run for almost a year or 270 odd days called take a huge step forward that harsh the finished ordinary self belief for William mcqueary is not a bad atom of the toll. We want to make another quarter on our debut on availability a couple of lands I think and they might not have been a listed race at the labyrinth. She could be wanted to come forward from that run as well. She wasn't beaten enough a long way and she was well back to our second favorite. Yeah, look, it's so uncharted in there. He's a real good yardstick again. They might have tried to Nick a race early in the season with him. He was well forward to go here because he's going to struggle out of America for a 103. Get a win, maybe. Yesterday was the day, but look, they just bumped up against one for them. Yeah, keep an eye on self belief as well, get the impression she called the step forward. So yeah, I take the top two air, but as I said, he's a really good yard. If you're beaten him, you're doing all right. Yeah, I think that's a good way of wrapping that up. The four 55 is the Dubai legend, which is a terrific name. Irish EBF Phillies made to bob, we should just be referred to as legend from now on. We're obviously referring to a different course. But Dubai, we legends should just be the way he's even though we're jumping into a different explanation of resources, still think that should be applied to him basically left for uncertainty anyway. For the third year in a row in Nebraska, the Dubai legend Irish EBF maiden. This is significant because his last two winners of this race were Empress Josephine, who would go on to win the Irish 1000 guineas. And a certain north called Tuesday. Who took this last year? Now it's Jackie O who makes her stable debut a winning one in beating red riding hood who was the chosen mount of Ryan Moore, it was Jamie heffernan on board Jackie O a well named horse, and she's a beautifully bred horse as well, and she's done it very, very well. Getting the better of a long, protracted battle for quite a quite a fair way out Barry. Yes, and if I was to tell you which was one of the best backed horses yesterday at nice, it was Jackie O wasn't red riding hood, very, very well, was Jackie owes him lots more money for Jackie elder than we did for the favorite is the truth be told. So look, we see so often these second strings winning from ballet Doyle and we all know that it will end up and says he doesn't do that much work in my home. I'm having our first one of the season Jackie O they might have had a hard race empathy to they got racing quite a way out maybe a four hour and a half. They would all be here on heavy ground and Jackie Yoda to our first run for very impressive. She's very well played the way she stayed on. I think Aidan O'Brien has decent plans for her as well. He spoke quite highly of her as well. He said she'll take a big step forward. He's got to go for the Guinea's trial next. And he said, I think it's exact words where I should come forward plenty. But she's obviously been there plenty at home because it was really, really good money for us. She's one of the best black horses of the weekend against her stable companion and I think just like the might not be an awful lot of that in between the Bahama, but once Ryan says but one percent of la chantada for their good performance from the top two, they were two and a half months later the Torah to arsenal was a long, long way back. To the four to the fourth three can clear Henry bromhead city runway back into a place, but yeah, Jackie O very, very well supported on the day. So she was obviously doing something at home and O'Brien speaks highly over Guinea's trial next. He says for her. Yeah, you'd imagine classic trials for both of these Phillies. Going forward, Aiden would know the family he trained a relation called hibiscus to Jackie O, who was a full brother, but could also get a few of these as well as secret state and line of duty who were both good horses for Charlie appleby. In terms of Jackie O's pedigree, a mile won't be any issue tour. I don't think going up to a mile four would be too much of a problem to either. She's not exactly screaming out for it. On the other hand, though, her stable companion red riding hood will definitely appreciate going further. She's a daughter of justify, and she's very much bred for a bit of stamina. Her two siblings Monday, both chamber and Brian Monday and leinster House were proper 7 four on horses, but Aiden is already talking about further for her. Yeah, as you say, she's very well bred by her damn being bally dial. So we had was the big hoo ha, and was a valid oil was named and cool with it. Yeah, but JP Neil, he got rid of mountains down. He got up with a Martin style, didn't he? He knew.

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