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Butterfinger by the way the standings Morgan number to a lunch box both have five wins. one both last week and then amen Raymondo have three and I'm in last place and so is Eddie yeah we're we have one yes. are you can go the Bobby bones dot com thank you for listening thanks for being a part of the team and go vote for which if you had to pick any three of these to be in your bag you pick all right there we have it that's our draft I'm why don't we play look at the list here this is Scotty McCreery this is it Bobby bones show. four thousand. you can open your. this is a. this is a. thank. tell me something. so instead of writing on a wheel chairs and hospitals kids at this children's hospital I get a moved around in something that makes the hospital experience little more fun and it's all because of an awesome donation and I love the story as a kid I was in the hospital a lot when I was younger like I want to share with you it's awesome it's in my tell me something good coming up next..

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