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At the end of the day who really gives a you know what other probably all right that's so there's a little bit of strength everywhere probably all right i think there's definitely some hokey cokey going on and the fbi and it's you it we need to gut this and clean it out swamp the needs to be driven by the fbi is inherently well you know what maybe is thinking back on my friend g gordon liddy was working for the criminal back there were a shoot roses name a guy ran the fbi the forties and fifties the fbi was definitely let me tell you some i leave to to spy on my friend okay no problem maria amy i'll doing had a willing coconspirator nixon so maybe it is inherently a dirty organization i like to think that it's not put joerger hoover kinda set the scares on that thing and pushed it and essays dirty cia's dirty they're all do the nsa temptation is a you know the the problem with that is the temptation is just so and now it's you've got the rally was the problem is that they have no supervision a like kids in a sandbox sandboxes thirty six billion dollars in budget money these outfits kent nobody has to be responsible for they don't have any by dare i have to answer to anybody so while there was a boasted the debate there's been congress as opposed to have oversight but i think you're right the stonewalled uh the house intel committee for at least six months if not more and i think it was only after they were threatened with contempt they actually give some of the information so hearing is a lot of corruption they are frankly there are let's see here robert muller if that's how you want to pronounce his name mueller muller's number six on the list what are we think about what's going on with him other than so far the taxpayers paid in this witchhunt 100 and forty million dollars guy like that boys and girls 140 meal spent this guy in i didn't think i i thought it was much much less than i those about twenty billion love the geology body only what people make in these investigation that our hearings dollars pay for my.

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