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Welcome to the making podcast. This is sam harris. Okay we'll today's yet another. Psa this time on the topic of police violence and the relevance of jujitsu training to mitigating. Some of the problems there too damn speaking with henner gracie and henner. If you don't recognize the name is a third generation member of the legendary gracie family that is credited with creating brazilian jujitsu in large measure. And passing it down through now. Three generations where hefner and his brother here on our some of the best teachers on the planet and they focused in recent years on teaching police officers the skills. They need to apprehend in control suspects without significantly injuring them. Bryant jitsu as you'll hear is uniquely good for this and the train is being made available to police departments. All over the country and henin here runner at the forefront of this the not only people doing it but they are amazingly effective at what they do. As you'll hear this conversation is a true. Psa and almost an infomercial for this kind of training. And it's not an accident weird a moment now in the public perception of policing that is nothing short of calamitous as i record this we're getting to the end of the derek chauvin trial. It's of course not yet clear what the verdict will be there. As you'll hear henner. And i are both quite clear in leaving aside. The chauvin case for the purposes of today's discussion is certainly not an example of pervasive misunderstanding of police procedure. I think anyone who saw the killing of george floyd recognized that We were witnessing a shocking instance of police misconduct and just what level a jury will soon decide. But for instance in recent days. Since i recorded this conversation with hanner. There's been the case of dante right. A motorist who was shot and killed by police officer in minnesota. And if you've seen the video it's about as clear as.

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