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NewsRadio nine fifty now at five thirty one let's go to CBS CBS news update what happened in the two hour private meeting between President Trump and Russia's. Vladimir Putin in Helsinki Mr. Trump told CBS's Jeff. Glor- he laid down. The law on. Russia's election meddling I let him know we. Can't have this would not go to have it And that's the. Way it's. Going to be. The interview comes amid controversy over the president's continued. Waffling on that, issue and. What he plans to do about it you say you agree with US intelligence that's Russian Melton you options sixteen and I've said that before Jeff I have said that. Numerous times before I would say that that is. True yeah but you. Haven't condemned Putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible Well I would because he's in charge of the country just like consider myself to be responsible for things. That, happened in this country Jeff glorious entire interview with the president can be viewed on tonight's CBS evening news CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter this is NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time is five thirty two developing news a body, has been pulled from walled lake WW j. NewsRadio nine fifties John Hewitt has just arrived on the scene, and he joins us live and local with the latest good evening John I Brooke the walled lake police are on site here along with. The Oakland, County sheriff's department recovery team on positioned along east lake drive directly across from where. They're setting up crime scene tape in kind of a an on-scene command center if you will as they blocked off. One of the access points to the, lake here after. This discovery which we're told was made around, three, forty five this afternoon a couple of hours ago now almost by a voter. Here, on walled lake and again this? Is on the east side of The lake along east lake drive sheriff's department did talk to, me initially. Nothing formal they're going to hold off on any update as far as type of news briefing but they did. Confirm, the body is that of a male and it might coincide emphasis on might with a missing persons report in the last few days here to the walled lake police department as you might suspect neighbors walking around the area among them Pat, many Eski you've, talked to any moments ago who said this lake has had a history of claiming life, unfortunately including those in her family my father lost his life on wildly yes that was nine thousand nine hundred seventy two months after I. Graduated from, high school you said friends as well Yes I have lots to. Friends, out there and then some man washed up on our shoreline in front of our. House probably seven years ago So It's a very sad. Thing I I'm what I'm trying to do is make sure it's not. Anybody I know a lot of people asking the same questions, again dive teams and recovery personnel from Oakland County as well as. Walled lake, here onsite no idea as to how long this recovery operation may. Take but we'll of course have updates for you reporting live and local John Hewitt w w j NewsRadio nine fifty new report shows the number of drownings involving toddlers in the US has increased in recent years with young boys dying at twice the rate of girls centers for disease control and prevention found from two thousand fourteen to twenty sixteen thirteen. Hundred children are younger died of drowning with total deaths rising each year according to the, organization four hundred. Thirty six were, girls eight hundred sixty four..

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