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House of Representatives. And Josh hawley in the Senate. These are the people who voted against the COVID-19 hate crimes act, which passed the Senate and the House overwhelmingly, but these 62 members of the house did what is just awful. You can check it out at a time Harvey dot com. And welcome back. Just put a picture of punctuation mark. The tweet that started this whole thing about the Louisiana textbooks was let me get over here and it was originally tweeted by Joshua Benton. And then Philip Lewis jumps in, the book, the book, the actual book, you can find it over on Amazon. This is the Louisiana textbook for 8th graders. It's called Louisiana, our history, our home. By Alicia P long, and like I said, it's on Amazon. And so Philip Lewis takes a photograph of a little, some other content of the book. Again, telling the story of Amanda stone mother, Kate stone, her young daughter, who owned this plantation in Louisiana. It was another two paragraphs from this. I had read you what was the last sentence of the second paragraph before, but I hadn't gotten I didn't have the whole context. We're learning more. In real time here. In an attempt to limit her losses, so this is now the Civil War is happening. And this is the Louisiana slaveholder family. The stone family. In an attempt to limit her losses, Amanda stone said 120 of her slaves to Texas in 1863. She and Kate were forced to follow the slaves to Texas later that same year. In the family's absence, the few remaining slaves took over the plantation and moved into the families home dividing the rooms and the stones remaining personal property among themselves. The stone went into would remain refugees parentheses. People who are forced to leave their home or a country close parentheses until the end of the war in 1865. They were able to also, they were able to reclaim their plantation, but due to Emancipation parentheses the freedom of slaves close parentheses lost all their property in slaves and the family had to face the new reality of planting and harvesting their fields with freed people who Kate regretted now demanded high wages. This is. Frigging breathtaking. This is what, I mean, you know, I get it that for white kids, this is very safe and comfortable stuff. Can you imagine being a black kid in a Louisiana school and listening to this? This is the history of our state. We're going to tell you all about it. You're going to actually know what's going on. Okay, the other thing that I mentioned and I'll get through this quickly and then pick up your phone calls. First of all, my apologies to arizonans who know how to pronounce this county's name because I don't. It looks like it's you have a pie. It's why AVA, I so I'm going to say it that way, and if I'm wrong, call and correct me, but people are knocking on the door. This is from Arizona central. This is for the Arizona republic. There are newspaper. People are knocking on the doors of Yahoo pie county residents and asking how they voted in the last election. While falsely claiming to represent the county recorders office, sheriff's office officials said you have a pi county recorder Leslie Hoffman says she does not know if the people I can have the doors are working on behalf of a political organization, but raise concerns that information residents provide could result in identity theft. I don't want some of our more vulnerable residents giving information and thinking they're getting into the recorder's office, she said. She said local officials have received reports of several incidents last week, two incidents last week in which people claiming to be from her office, asked voters if they voted in the last election, and if Louis they voted for. The Senate's contract was cyber ninjas. This is this Florida based company that has never ordered an election before. It said that a quote registration and votes cast team end quote as I'm reading from the Arizona republic. Has already worked with several people quote in order to statistically identify voter registrations that did not make sense in the knock on doors to confirm a valid voters actually lived at the stated addresses. End quote. This is so over the top. I mean, this is like knocking on somebody's door, asking them to provide identification to prove who they are. So you can steal their identity, I suppose. I mean, you could. They're saying that they're trying to do it to verify a balance that looks suspicious. And then asking them for whom they voted, who did you vote for? So we can tell if their ballet got changed. Is that the deal? I'm guessing that that's the deal. We'll find out as time goes on. This is just like so. So very, very, very wrong. Jesse in Atlanta, Georgia. Hey, Jesse, what's on your mind today? Well, I just have a comment about all you said about our check for it. I thought for 37 years and Atlanta city schools and at least in the last 20 years, nobody ever looked at textbooks. And a pile gathering dust. So how do you teach? Well, I mean, you know, changers get stuff offline and other stuff. A lot of times they textbooks don't change the standards, the state wants us to change. Yeah. Well, that's interesting. So you've got a textbook mess, basically. I have told the story before I still remember when one of my kids was probably 8 years old, we had just moved to Atlanta. 6 months before, from New Hampshire, actually. And this was in the, let's see, it was 1982, I think. And one of my kids came home from school and we were having dinner and I said, what did you learn in school today? And that child said, we learned about the war of northern aggression. And which is a phrase that I had literally having grown up in Michigan and lived in New Hampshire had never heard in my life. And or at least had never deeply resonated. So amazing. Jesse, thank you for weighing in on that. Gail and Seattle, hey Gail, you're a history teacher. Yes, indeed I am. And your former last caller is a 100% right. But one of the things I wanted to say besides being totally appalled from the reading of that vignette from the Louisiana history textbook is that kids you're seeing how tough that would be for a black child to hear that or treat that. But I also think that the 1619 Project misses a point, although I still teaching, I absolutely would use that curriculum. But it's important to not start teaching American history and slavery with images of a people who are disrespected, brutalized and degraded. You have to go back to the pre colonial great kingdoms of Africa. Kush Molly Carthage Ghana. And bringing that up as an important part of what Africans in America are and where they came from. There is nothing worse than to have cloud school of black kids. And the first image they see, you

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