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I'm sure what is the problem is what is the problem about two weeks ago? The check engine light came on. Okay. Took it in. And I often wonder when where did he take it? Well, he I took it to like an auto zone or something like that. So they could tell him what the code like on the computer. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. We tuck it into a neighborhood auto repair shop, they do oil changes minor repairs. They did turn up. So when my son picked it up the mechanics said. For check engine light comes back on you probably are going to need some work because we found oil on the spark plug a bullet speed to today. What is the problem is the engine gone? Yes, engine is now Cindy, I want to have a conversation because I know that you're intelligent, and I'm I honest to God do not like bearing bad news. I wanna help people though as much as I can. But sometimes you buy something as is one hundred fifty seven thousand miles. I take it. You didn't have a scope put on you didn't send it to a shop to have a full pre purchase. And now the engines gone, you do know it just puts his get right to the black and white and then see what we can do. But in the black and white sense. There is nothing. I mean, that's it. You bought a car? That's a lemon out. So it's probably not even a lemon Alaska one hundred fifty seven thousand miles needs an engine. But here's the here's the big question. Cindy, did and before you answer because everyone answers in the affirmative. Okay. Everyone does but rally think about this. Did they? Lie or cheat? You did they defraud you. I don't know. This is what the used car sales manager told me. When I went in there. Said that car sort of been sold for somebody that knew that they were going to have to put. Put some money into it. And I said, wait a minute. I bought the car. I had a couple of questions about the age of the car. He amount of miles on the car. You're salesman reassured me that it went through all the checks, and that it was a solid car. Did it ever beyond their lot for? Okay. And I believe you. But can you prove that will that guy because that would be that hold on? That's good enough right there to get them. If if he would say, yes, I told her it was a solid car. And otherwise, it wouldn't be on the lot. I mean. But Cindy, here's the problem. It says as is. So are they willing to fix it or to help, you know, they're not willing to fix it? One thing. So that they would do. I only give me they want to do the double screw job. They want you to take it back. How much did you pay for it? I paid forty one hundred twenty dealer handling you paid you paid at least twice as much probably probably you paid probably three times what it's worth. And I don't doubt that. And why didn't you get help? Cindy, why didn't you get help? I was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. My son had a Subaru WRX that was parked in front of our house and somebody came down our street imploded into it. John and his car was told. I hope it wasn't in congress. Anyway. Listen, listen. Cindy what right now right now, you're out. What what questions you have for us? Because in a pure sense. They don't have to do anything. You have a car. You have a car that's worth. Absolutely nothing. Nothing exactly. Because the whole repair for the engine for the suspension is gone. A lot of seeing you would've known. They would have found this in a pre purchase he said my mechanics at all. They had to do is put it up on the list. The suspension was gone. And I said, and that's all you had to do in the last two months, and he said, no, no. But that's all you had to do. That's all you had to do. What are your plans? I hate I hate telling you this. Cindy, I'm just hoping that tell that that people listening will say my God, I'm never gonna let this happen. What's the name of the dealer, arapahoe Kia? Oh, arapahoe Kia. Now, it's not like they're a bunch of you know, cheap. Are they Mark? Do we have problems with the rap? Okay. Abi a Degi. Can't remember one? What are you, Dan? What do you think? Arapahoe kid. Does it come to mind with you? We've had different ones on rap whole Kia Honda. Both of them and stuff we've had complaints on them. Okay. Arapahoe. And so they won't do any. I don't know what they're offering. Go ahead. They're offering us a trade in the Volkswagen a thousand dollar trading on a two thousand eleven mini Cooper s hardtop with forty nine thousand miles on it, and how much do you have to pay seven thousand so wait a minute. So are they going to take the seven and then the unpaid balance and and put it into a new loan? Yes. Approximately twelve thousand one hundred dollars on what year on a two thousand eleven mini Cooper, forty nine thousand miles on it. It sounds like it is a screw job. But guess what? It's a better screw job than this one or a worse. Screwed job dots one. I wanted Don. This was the whole purpose of me even contacting. I'm wondering if they would do a favor and just take out all the profit from the mini Cooper deal. That's what they've told me. Exactly. Can somebody really Mark or ten thousand you you shouldn't you should help them. You know, what you know? Yeah. It was as is. And all that. But you should you should talk to these guys are all talk to them, which one is which Cooper is it convertible, the countryman the hardtop. Cooper s with the turbo. The only way this would ever work honest to God, I'm going to tell you the straight up. I mean, this when I say, you're screwed no matter what you do. All right. So do you wanna be screwed for more? Or do you want to just keep it like this just have your lumps and go out and just be done with it? I mean, this is tariff. What I'm that's what I thought I can't decide. Or or you saw listen you say that it was detrimental reliance, and you sue them in small claims, I'm serious, by the way, you sue them. And you say, they lied, you you and your son say they lie to you. And you take the small claims for what's the worst gonna happen nothing. What's the worst gonna happen? I mean, you know, you say they lied you. They'll say, it's as isn't all that. Maybe you get somebody with sympathy. And you say look there is no way this could have happened. This car was a piece of trash, of course, you know, if they wanted defend themselves, they say you were free to check it out. And all that you're gonna you're gonna get all of that. But it's either that it's either that or you take an lesser screw job and on the on the lesser screw job. You you have a car and the only way it would ever work is if your son truly would keep it the full four or five years the trade in on this things under five grand even with low low. So they're saying. What I? Oh, absolutely not taking. What is the difference? What is the difference? They want her hold on hold on. They're giving you a thousand dollars of that car. They say, so what is the difference that you're paying I it's a seven thousand dollar difference. Yeah. The further telling me that is they're selling to me for seven thousand dollars, plus the thousand trading plus thousand trade. So they're saying that's an eight Thousand Oaks wagon is sixty one I understand that part the balance of the Volkswagen, but they're saying that that car is worth eight thousand dollars. They're seeing it listed on their site for ten four. But they say they're selling it for eight to you with no profit while they know she's not going to check it out either. All right. Hold on. I gotta take a break. Okay. This is ridiculous. Just hold on. Let's start out for the good news that earlier crash.

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