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Plus three hundred ten days. We need to be moving faster. Climate change certainly isn't waiting for you know our whole set of studies in assessments. It's been coming so we have seen moving a lot faster on that. And i would say you know. We have a tremendous bike. Boom citi bike has hit record. Numbers of ridership in the last year. And it's to stress this. This was not a time when we had allowed. Tourists coming in so sustainable. Modes of transit are are increasing across york and our city needs to accelerate its pathway building bike infrastructure Soon we'll have a bike lane on a dedicated bike on the brooklyn bridge that is a small And a big win at the same time. We'll soon have one on the queensboro bridge so the city is taking small steps but again it goes back to scale. Now we've had to fight forty years for a bike lane on the queensboro bridge. Who has the time to be fighting. Forty years in one neighborhood for some small insignificant said a change. We need to be fighting citywide much larger pieces in. That's why. I would just close with near the streets. Master plan advanced by speaker. Johnson will be a tremendous shift in terms of you. Know hundreds of miles or protected by busways More pedestrian space. More greenspace i mean. These are the type of ideas that we need in york. More big at scale citywide ideas. That are not leaving communities behind. That are better connecting us and making us resilient for what's to come. I've been thinking a lot about that treats master-plan and its promise Recently and will be interested to see where the initial planning for that and implementation is coming in in the coming months ahead in our new administration boats. City council and mayoral will deal with that. Come january rob eminent. Probably echo a lot of danny said but but to wrap it up. It's really what the city does well when it recognizes the assets. It has in uses those assets while so whether it's investing in public transit connect more people across the city Getting more buses building more busways Those are the kinds of things that have benefits using the public states. Well and then using its tools like zoning on to make sure that we're doing the right thing In moving past the kind of injust zoning practices and policies of the past so not. The city has an opportunity here to to grasp multiple crises at once and really take a solutions that solve them all in a lot of that going to happen in its own. Realm in the public stays In its zones zoning codes in its rules. So i think the city has shown well that can adjust and and incrementally change You know that the zoning for coastal resilience is one example where the city and looked at all the reasons. That's only was keeping people from recovering from things like sandy in in making changes conference of waterfront plan of the city's putting out Is is showing the way to the saying that they're going to be places. We shouldn't keep investing in if they can't sustain themselves beyond fifty years and if the city uses those tools well and really speeds up how work can be done there I think we've got a chance. But it needs to use his assets in us. It's our for for the good of solving crises. All right in our last few minutes here. We're gonna go around one. More time with specifics on solutions Some of you some of you got into that in that last Last moments of of discussion. But brits start us off in terms of implementation of cpa implementation of local on ninety seven. And then take it from there on other specific things you want to see happen in the coming months and years.

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