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His options in free agency next summer. If you don't think you can win a championship or or or at least make a huge push in the Western Conference in the next two or three years, or if you think Jimmy Butler is gonna leave, you should be shopping him this summer, and so I'm gonna flip it around to you guys, if and I know this would never happen because Thompson, but, oh, and Jimmy Butler are attached at the hip and tips would never make this call. But if it were Phil Mackey in the front office and he got a hold of Tom does office and desk and he called rob Pelinka and right now and said Jimmy Butler. He's on the block rented and coup. Who's my interested in Ingram? How does that conversation end up? I don't think they hang up the phone. Phil, I think they would listen, but I think a lot would depend on whether or not they felt they could sign Butler long term. I think if Butler is definitely going to free agency at the end of this year, they're so high on Kouzmin Ingram, and those guys are on cost controlled, rookie contracts that I think they would hesitate, Mike. What are you not only that look. We just went through this whole thing with why. If you think somebody's coming in, it's going to be one of these guys for free next year. Don't give up. Yeah, so that's that's the position. Maybe the Lakers are in fill that I'm not sure every team is in where they think somebody's gonna come without having to go with the guy so that that's the trick there. If you're the wolves and there's even a fifty percent chance, Jimmy Butler leaves in this Western Conference is so loaded. Take a step back and go get some young assets and wait and wait until the warriors go away. But I don't think they're going to. They're going to run head on into into like an eight or nine seat. Of battle at the end of the year, like they were last year unfortunately, fill, I'll be, I'll be Texan. You when does his next seventeen home runs in for the rest of the month in Greg bubbly comes on board with the mood, but we appreciate your time buddy. Thank you. Phil, that's feel macking, Minnesota. We coming up. We're gonna talk about the Rams. Dylan Hernandez, who was a columnist for the Los Angeles Times has written a column. Simply sing this. If Aaron Donald does not come into camp in the next week. Dump him trade him. Don't risk your Super Bowl season. Is that a good move or a terrible move? We'll get into it next ESPN LA. But Mason in Ireland, Mike Dell's in for Mace, got fasttrack coming at the top of the hour. Want to talk about the Rams. Mike, the Rams, and they've made a secret of this are going for it this year. They went out and got into Dhamma consume. They went out and got Marcus Peters. They went out and got to keep to leave. They went out and got Brandin cooks. They signed Todd Gurley to a long term deal. But their best player the best player in the team. Aaron, Donald is holding out. He held out last year. Chances are if they don't reach a long term deal, he'll hold out next year. That's just kind of the way it happens. But Dylan Hernandez rightfully times has written a column that says. I'll just read you guys part of it. It says the question isn't whether Donald deserves to be paid like a high end quarterback. He won't be can't be the NFL has salary cap. The Rams would be unwise to have more than twenty five million invested in a defensive tackle regardless of how dominant he is. The real question is whether Donald will exercise the only leverage at his disposal, extend his hold out into the regular season and compromise everything the Rams of build over the last year. And if he does dump him more specifically trade him..

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