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The snow the snow is not letting me get away from anything else and if you want to call them it's eight four four six oh four to five seven five eight four four six oh four to five seven five there's another story that has been bubbling up actually there's a couple of stories today there's there's this group of students from marjory douglas stomas marjory stoneman douglas high school that are all african american that held a press conference that are very very ticked that they were talking about gun violence for a long time prior to david hogg and his fab five is now being referred to and like nobody's paid any attention but part of the problem with that group is they're saying that the the police have the guns and so that's the problem see i i wondered about that over the weekend because the left tells us all the time only the police should have guns the left tells all the time only military should have guns but then the left says the military are baby killers and police are racists so they won't want those guys to have the guns but they're racist and baby killers i don't i don't get now look i'm sad about the shooting in sacramento but there are lessons to learn out of all this right i mean if the police tell you to stop running do what my friend dr bernard told his son years ago obey the police if they pull you over put your hands on the steering wheel and say yes sir when they come to your window don't run away from them and then don't flash things at them i'm not saying that stefan clarke should have been shot because he was holding a phone he shouldn't have been it's a tragic tragic loss of life and it's wrong but don't run away from them and don't don't point things at them that's just dumb but who can who can have the guns if the police can't have them in the military can have them but those are the only ones you say should have them how are we supposed to defend ourselves in this day and age i've just curious dropped me no let me know kabc radio gmailcom balance of nature's fruits and veggies i'm mark gastineau i played.

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