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Let us not go anywhere yet. A physician caller on C SPAN to Anthony Fauci 18 years ago. April 2003. Hat tip national polls one of those great sites About SARS and how Fauci screwed it up. So this is a physician caller 18 years ago Cut 15 go. You've been at the NIH a pretty long time. And it seems to me that during your tenor our ability to control infectious diseases hasn't improved, but in fact were sent and even basic health tips such as you can't use antibiotics to treat viral infection has not been adequately communicated to The public because, for instance, people will come in demanding an antibiotic for a common cold, which or any other viral infection, which is certainly served to, um Create more resistance streams and not saying that this has anything to do with this particular SARS epidemic. But don't you think it's time that you step down and let someone else who has some more? Effective message. Well, actually, no. There's been a lot of criticism over SARS a lot of criticism with him over AIDS. Back when A lot of criticism. Now this guy is a He is an Olympic Olympic style bureaucrat. The way he's held on all these decades without any serious Examination. Without any serious examination, and he has made a mess of things through this virus. I don't care what anybody says. We've all lived through this an absolute massive things. I want to hit one other thing before I go back to the callers. Whether I'm live in TV, my Fox Channel achievement at Fox Show. We're on this radio program. I've been hammering and hammering and hammering over and over again how our power grid is naked. And Peter Pry has been the expert that I've brought on because this guy is second to none. And still nothing's being done about it. Now we know what the Russians are up to. Despite what the In Russia, the the the pro Russia crowd in America. Thanks But let us go Cut 16. This is Jennifer Grand home responding to fake Jake Tapper, go. Do you think that adversaries of the United States have the capability right now to shut down the power grid? Yeah, they do. I mean, I think that there are very malign actors who are trying even as we speak. There are thousands of attacks on all aspects of the energy sector and the private sector. Generally, I mean the meat plant, for example, we It's happening now. That really isn't the question fact, Jake. The question is, we know they can do it the sciences at their fake Jake What is this administration going to do about it? Hell, Hell, hell, what are you going to do? Nothing. You're not going to do anything about it. Jennifer Grant home is another dimwitted birthing person. May I say that, Mr because I think I will. And I've met many, many smart birthing people, including in my own family. But she Is a dummy. Let's take some calls. Let us go to stand. Springfield, Oregon. The great K U G n stand. How are you, sir? Hey, Mark. Good talking to you. Thank you. I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done. Um I've listened to you for quite a while. Thank you. I'm ex military. I spent some time in the service, but I got out and I'm I'm disguised as a civilian now. Yeah. What I'm doing is, uh, doing manuals I've ever read. I've only read like technical manuals and service repair manuals, motorcycles, cars, trucks, whatever. And your book, I think is going to be the very first book that by today after we get off the line, mainly, I never sat down and read a book. Yeah, Honest. I've never really sat down. And read a book. Let's Stay. Let me tell you something on this book. Take your time going through it. You're no rush one page at a time. One chapter at a time. Or if you choose, look at the table content since and and Skip around. I encourage people to read the whole thing. But take your time. Don't feel overwhelmed. There's a lot of stuff in there. Just one page at a time. A few pages at the time. I recommend that to everybody, everybody And if you choose To skip around. You can do that to this book is it's a resource, if you know what I mean. Sure. And that's that's what I'm used to. And so that's why I think I think I'll be able to really enjoy it. So I appreciate your taking the time to write it. He wrote numerous ones. But like I said, I'm sorry, but this is the first one number to be sorry. Stand. I want to thank you for your service to God bless you, my friend. Out there in Springfield, Oregon. Let's go to another place. Let's go to Bari in Carmel, New York, I said New York, which is in Westchester County, Mr Producer in For Me, the Great W. ABC go Hello, Mark. The great one. Yeah. Yeah, I would. Hi. Can you hear me? Yes. Yes, I'm inspired. I'm actually in my car just pulled into my driveway and I just left the caramel, Uh, school board meeting. Uh, I don't know how many people out there that are listening that are aware of One. Unbelievable patriot who is creating a little stirrup? Yeah, Yeah, we know we played her entire 11 minutes. Ah! Where is she? She told that school board. What? For? And I got a chance to meet her. And, um, she's incredible. And I just wanted to Voice, Um, the the big issue around the nation that it all comes down to local. It's the local you need to get involved. I mean, this is this as the crazy thing about it While I was driving up. I was on my way up there, and that's where you opened list. I made it. I made an hour trip to go up there. I was glad I was there. It was attended on both sides of the spectrum. So we've got a big battle ahead of us. All right? Let me ask you about that. Because the teachers union and the administrator like to turn out people to overwhelm, uh, the patriotic pants. Is that what you see happening? It's very hard to tell. I mean, how they were inspired to go there and not to go there. I don't know I was an outside. I was talking to a lot of locals. They wouldn't actually let us go into the library because it was They said it was at capacity. And there they were letting in one at a time, So I kind of heard just the end of the meeting. But the other side Was vocal. But, uh, who knows? I don't know. I can't tell you Well, we're just going to have to deal with it because the unions think they own these facilities and everything in them, and now they're going to learn that they don't Just stick with me Stick with these others who are out there fighting on their own and so forth. Now they're going to learn that we own these schools and it folks. It shouldn't just be parents going to the school board meetings. That ought to be all of us going to the school board meetings, including taxpayers. I know I was a school board member. So you don't have to kids in the school system to try and save the country and we'll talk more about that later to Harry. Thank you for your call my friend. Let's go to another Barry in Florida. Where in Florida, are you, Barry? Mark, How are you? Mom? I'm okay. Where are you, sir? I mean, you know, in Florida, which is about an hour and a here from north of Orlando, all right. And how do you hear us from Brooklyn and Queens? No way. You sound like you're from Kansas now. Well, how are you listening to the program? Uh, to 97.3, Uh, star radio. Alright. Florida W S k Y W S K yr. Greater Philly Go right ahead. I could say that. You know, I keep hearing people who I love, saying that Putin is going to make dividing eat his lunch. And you know, uh, unfortunately, I think what's happening already did Already did. He got his pipeline, which undermines NATO. He already ate his lunch. But that was that was the down payment and mark your right. This meeting his meetings going to be nothing because remember the Russian reset with Hillary press buttons and even know what he's pressing and Barry, let me tell you something, Putin and Putin's guy already said. If you lift the Ah, these these remaining sanctions for we're going to. We're not going to be your transport anymore to the space station. I've never understood..

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